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The Continuing Indiscretions of Poppy G #1

Oh dear. Poppy is starting to grow in confidence, and with her new-found ease has come a certain cheek. It might be useful to hear about a couple of her naughty moments. 259 more words

Dog Ownership

Walking Two Dogs -- A Charlie & Murphy Experience

The weather has been very lovely the past few days with a rain here and there. Grasses are greening and the trees are continuing their brief 2-month hiatus from dropping anything — branches, leaves, dead leaves, pollen, pollen buds, bud covers, pollen, squirrels — from themselves every freakin’ day. 2,228 more words


My Imperfect Relationship with My Dog

My dog, Hunter, is twined around my body right now with his front paws and head resting on my lap. His silky red coat is so incredibly soft under my stroking hand. 714 more words

The Whole Day – Kaput!

I had planned my whole day Easter Sunday, from the time I dropped Mitch off at work to dinner. I was going to take the dogs hiking just after sunrise, yard work in the afternoon and for dinner; I was going to grill a rack of lamb. 763 more words


First Night Blues...

We got Poppy home on her first day at around 4.30 pm, and immediately took her into the garden, as suggested. We then headed out for a walk in the local park. 534 more words

Dog Ownership

Old Godstone

Old Godstone

1 hour – 3 miles

Some slight inclines, but mostly level.

This is a nice length walk for a greyhound. They will certainly sleep well afterwards! 81 more words

Dog Ownership

Trilingual in English, Cuban and (Now) Dog

Dependent, smelly, costly and often filthy (all that butt sniffing/rolling around in dead things?!), flea-bitten, tick-ridden, and prone to humping whatever they can get their legs around – can you tell I’m not a dog person? 1,829 more words

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