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5 Life Lessons From My Dog Max

Lesson 1: Live selflessly.

Max teaches selflessness but being the most selfish creature I know.  His needs ALWAYS go before my own.   He requires to be fed once in the morning and once at night.   1,243 more words


The Day After

Yesterday morning we woke up to about two inches of snow, nothing like the people in the north eastern part of the country have gotten and are still getting. 535 more words


When You Just Can't Keep Your Dog

It happens. You can’t keep your dog any longer. Sometimes an owner dies and family members want nothing to do with the pet that is left behind. 640 more words

Tuesday Tails: Prong Collars-A Rant

Yesterday, while driving to meet up with some friends for dinner, I noticed a woman walking a black dog who was probably about 50 pounds with a prong collar on. 659 more words

Tuesday Tails

Signs of Spring

Today, as I was out walking the pup in some freezing drizzle (ugh), I realized I was looking at the normal snowdrifts and piles and seeing, not just frozen wasteland, but foreshadowings of Spring. 99 more words


Musing On Dog Training

I might get a lot of hate for this post, but oh well. Come at me, bro! ;)

So, I’m a bit puzzled by the hard-core positive reinforcement trainers, which shall now be referred to as +r. 595 more words


Sunday Snaps

It snowed overnight, about one to two inches, not much but it is wet heavy snowball snow. Orso was so excited that he ran around with his head down scooping up snow like a steam shovel. 58 more words