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Who Rescued Who?

I hear about it a lot from my clients and I’ve experienced it myself.

Your dog came into your life at a time when you really needed them.  30 more words


My diary

I still use a paper diary despite having access to online calendars and tools. There’s a reason for that.

I successfully managed my time through the Auckland Power Crisis of 1998 without a hitch, thanks to my paper diary. 217 more words


Life skills

Prospective dog owners who do their research will consistently find recommendations for things like dog training (obedience, walking on leash, etc.) and regular veterinary care. 479 more words


Orso – The New Spokesdog

I have the perfect job for Orso – Spokesdog. Not just any old spokesdog, but a spokesdog for UPS. UPS would be lucky to have him for their mouthpiece as a satisfied customer. 577 more words


To be or not to be: a dog owner

My oldest son has been begging for a dog for years. We have always told him a dog is so much work, a dog stinks, a dog poops a lot, a dog pees a lot, and a dog sheds. 213 more words


Pawternity leave (puppy parental leave)

Well done to UK-based brewing company BrewDog.  The company was dog-friendly from its 2007 start – with 2 human founders and 1 dog.

Now with employees in the USA and UK, and already with dog-friendly offices, they have instituted one week of puppy parental leave for their employees.  80 more words


Should you be a doggy parent?

I’ve always thought being a dog owner is a privilege. It’s also a choice and should not be entered into lightly. There are many things to weigh up and consider before selecting the right breed for your lifestyle.

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