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The Cone is Back!

Just when we thought we were free from the terror of a Great Dane encased in a hard plastic cone…

Just when the other dogs quit cowering in fear at Olive’s entrance into the room… 548 more words

Breeds 101

Breeding began when humans realized canids possessed a wide range of desired abilities such as hunting, herding, tracking, protecting, etc. Since then, they began an intentional selection of advantageous traits, which were reinforced in successive generations, by crossing the dogs that exhibited those characteristics. 70 more words


Oh Come on Now – Enough is Enough!

Mother Nature is having a huge laugh at our expense and I’ve had enough. It is the middle of May for god’s sake and I’m still wearing an insulated jacket when I walk the dogs. 366 more words


Ten Reasons You Should Have a Dog in Peace Corps

When I first came to country, I told myself I would NOT under any circumstances, get a dog.

My rational was simple: I have no money, no permanent address, and no idea what I’ll be doing with my life in two years. 1,876 more words

Peace Corps

The not so guilty look

All dog owners can share that one moment, the time you walk through the door and your pooch has got hold of something he shouldn’t have. 657 more words

Dog Ownership

Introduce the pooch in your life

If you are a fan of our posts and Max himself then please take the time to introduce your family pooch(es). We want a picture and a funny story. Every dog owner has them.

Dog Ownership

Ready for commitment

Let’s start with a quick recap so far. You have read about the inevitable costs of dog ownership, the crazy world of dogs and the joys that they can bring to your life. 1,125 more words

Dog Ownership