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Oh What Fun!

Now that Mitch is in Seattle permanently and I am home working on getting the house ready to sell, our schedule and routine has changed dramatically. 604 more words


How To Find A Good Boarding Kennel

It’s important to make arrangements for someone to care for your pet when you go out of town. There are many different services you can choose from, ranging from pet sitters who come to your home to people who board dogs in their own home to the vet’s office or a commercial boarding kennel. 743 more words


Top 10 Common Behavior Problems In Dogs

There are a vast number of behavior problems that pet owners encounter. Aggression is the most common problem that pet owners seek out professional help for, but because the causes and training solutions are so numerous and varied, we won’t go into them in this article. 1,588 more words

Dog Behavior

A different way to encourage owners to scoop

Let’s make the world less crap…

That’s the opening line of a current Kickstarter campaign to obtain funding for Poopins, a biodegradable marker for piles of dog poo that haven’t been removed by unthinking dog walkers. 279 more words

Dog Ownership

How To Find A Pet Sitter

Finding a good pet sitter that you can rely on and trust can seem like an impossible task, but if you know where to look, and if you know the right questions to ask, you will be able to find that special person who connects with you and your dog and is responsible and knowledgeable enough that you will feel comfortable leaving your beloved pet in their professional care. 690 more words


A closer relationship than with siblings

Matt Cassels had at least 10 pets when he was growing up and yet it had never occurred to him to think about how important his relationships with them were. 763 more words