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Dog Owners Live Longer!!!

One more reason to own a pet dog is that, aside from experiencing the bond, joy, and the unconditional love with each other, owners are more likely to live longer. 375 more words


Which Breed of Dog?

First of all, how do you decide which breed of dog you want? Many do so based purely on looks or because they or a friend/family member had or has a particular breed you admire. 157 more words


Puppy or Older Dog?

Of course, if you decide to get a puppy, you will likely have much more choice regarding breed, although you may have to search  far and wide and be prepared to wait patiently until a suitable litter are available. 308 more words



Feeding is undoubtedly one of the biggest costs associated with dog ownership, and probably one of the most controversial too. If the bewildering array of dry and wet dog foods on display in your local supermarket were not confusing enough, you also need to be aware that there is a growing trend to ignore them all and opt for raw or natural feeding. 348 more words


Spaying or Neutering

If you get a dog from a rescue centre she/he will almost certainly have already been spayed (female) neutered (male). However, if you get a puppy, this is something you will probably have to arrange to take care of yourself. 145 more words



These days, everybody is a dog training expert and there is more information and disinformation available on this subject than you could get through in two lifetimes. 481 more words



To insure or not to insure? Pet insurance, like all insurance, has become increasingly expensive in recent years, partly also due to the constant increase in the number of new drugs and potential procedures that can now be offered by vets, all of which have to be paid for. 216 more words