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7 Years Young

It’s the eve of one of my favourite boys’ birthday (my other favourite boy turned another year older last Wednesday). Yes, I am living in a house full of male Virgos!! 676 more words

New In Vancouver

Cars and dogs threaten koalas in Australia

Koalas in Queensland are under threat and the primary reasons are cars and dogs associated with urban development.  As the demand for residential development continues, the number of cars and dogs introduced into koala habitat increases. 346 more words


Take Responsibility!

My own sweet Sheltie Ozarks Summer Highlands Sasha (as she’s known to the AKC) is bursting with energy now that cooler temps are upon us, and we’re getting out and about to enjoy the turning of the seasons. 169 more words

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Saving the whole family

As the Northern Hemisphere enters its hurricane season, it’s a useful time to review your plans for disaster preparedness regardless of your location in the world. 226 more words


River's boo boo

My husband and I own two dogs. Since they’re akitas, they’re apt to howling instead of barking and have an insane amount of fur.

Well, said fur might be lovely but it knots like anything. 503 more words


An open letter about the end of greyhound racing in NSW

Last week in Australia, the New South Wales state parliament passed a motion to make greyhound racing (and associated activities) illegal in the state from July 1st, 2017. 1,231 more words


Gangs of Dog Lovers

After mentioning that I had Shih Tzu, a classmate said that she didn’t like Shih Tzu as they were too yappy (or something like that). My Shih Tzu are anything, but yappy…that is unless they want something and then they make this annoying sound that is difficult to ignore especially since they can keep this up for at least an hour. 225 more words