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A dog’s life in families with children

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This research reinforces my advice to families with young children and dogs:  understand your dog’s non-verbal and verbal cues so you can pick up when they are stressed, going over threshold, and need time away from the children. 672 more words


What does it really cost to own a dog?

What does it really cost to own a dog?  Many children ask for a puppy for Christmas, and their parents finally give in, even though they know there is extra work for them ahead.    64 more words


You know, when you scratch that “sweet” spot on a dog and his leg will scratch involuntarily along with you. That’s what I call ticklish on a dog. 270 more words


Do dogs make you live longer?

I subscribe to a great online newsletter about health matters called What Doctors Don’t Tell You!

If, like me,  you are interested in preventing ill-health and promoting wellness, I strongly recommend that you subscribe. 550 more words


Owning A Dog Is Good For Your Heart — Study Says What We All Knew

It seems unconditional love from a fluffy, drooling canine is one key to a healthier life — as many people already expected.

A study of more than 3.4-million people revealed that having a dog in the house is linked to living a longer life. 318 more words


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As a dog lover and owner I had to share this one with you along with a picture of my little canine companion who turns 12 next month. [caption id="attachment_31126" align="alignnone" width="1099"] loriA copy.jpg This is Gabi, who rides on the bike with me.[/caption] Tony

Correlation, causation and chocolate labradors

I have been subject to an unrelenting and highly targeted form of lobbying in recent years. To give you a sense of the intensity of the campaign, those responsible could teach Russian social media bots a thing or two about psychological manipulation. 508 more words

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Dog Ownership and Respect

A year ago, I adopted a dog from a shelter called “Save a Dog” in Sudbury, Massachusetts.  I had longed to own a dog for many years but had always felt it would not be fair to the dog since I worked long hours, far from home and could not give it the company, exercise and care it would need.  789 more words