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Gangs of Dog Lovers

After mentioning that I had Shih Tzu, a classmate said that she didn’t like Shih Tzu as they were too yappy (or something like that). My Shih Tzu are anything, but yappy…that is unless they want something and then they make this annoying sound that is difficult to ignore especially since they can keep this up for at least an hour. 225 more words

Tips and Tricks for getting a puppy: Be prepared for chaos

As I write this in the garden on this rare, sunny day in the midst of a rainy British summer, my feet are getting playfully attacked by a bored eight month old cockapoo puppy, who would quite like to chew on my brand new flip-flops. 868 more words

As Much My Fault as it is His - Really More

But that doesn’t stop me from being mad and angry with Orso. I know better, in reality it is all my fault, he’s just a dog. 510 more words


It's Officially Published! Love, Laugh, Woof: A Guide to Being Your Dog's Forever Owner

My book is officially published! My copy arrived yesterday and more are on the way. I could not be more excited! When I sat down to start this book I was not sure which of my areas of expertise and interest would come out, so I decided to just start writing. 549 more words

Love Laugh Woof

Someone Talk Me off the Ledge

I am having a life crisis and need some guidance before I make a huge mistake. Orso is ten years old and our only dog now. 454 more words


Puppyhood: Year One, Day One

I never believed we’d actually make it this far.  I never believed that one year ago when we got Flynn, when he was barking at us, nipping at us, driving us to the point of tearful hysterics, that we would have lasted one whole year–but we did. 306 more words