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Apartment Life

There should be a handbook on apartment living handed out to every renter as soon as they are given the keys to the apartment. Because it seems that in this day and age, people need to be told what the proper etiquette is for living in close quarters to other people. 509 more words


Benefits of the Wolf Pack

Far from being (just) a garbage disposal and source of incredible stinkiness, research shows that dog ownership is beneficial both physically and mentally.

The Physical… 722 more words


Making plans...

“We need to go away Alice, before I “rip someone’s head off and shit down their throat.”

I remember that line, or something similar from some movie, perhaps. 623 more words


Privacy? Forget it

Nelson and I have always been attached at the hip and as a result he follows me around like, well, a lost puppy. He is my shadow, so when it comes to my own personal space, I gave that up the moment I became his mother. 507 more words


Sun-worshipper vs. Shade-worshipper

I am, and always will be a sun-worshipper; I’m the kind that will sunbathe until I’m mahogany and I am certain that, when I’m old, I will look like the old woman from Something About Mary. 499 more words


With cuteness, comes great attention

We are a nation of dog-lovers and what a lovely nation we are but when you have a dog as cute as Nelson, the attention, he (not I) attracts is on a whole new level. 395 more words


Puppy today, hog-roast tomorrow.

The main reason that I got a dog is because I wanted a puppy. Let’s not beat around the bush here, I looked at puppy pics, and puppy pics alone when I was choosing Nelson – I definitely bypassed the section of “He’s going to be massive and so will his piles of shit” section. 460 more words