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Dog Days

The services performed by a canine companion are innumerable. From warning off the feathered invaders of airspace and next door’s cat, to protecting you from passing postmen. 643 more words


What a veterinarian and a dog massage therapist have in common

I came across an article recently which was a sort of a “Vets Tell You What They Really Think” piece.  It listed 50 things that the veterinarian would love to say, but can’t, because it would be either too forward or too unprofessional (or both). 545 more words


Life after Buddy

This article (Hounded by Grief), courtesy of the WBUR, Boston’s National Public Radio station, starts with the haunting words:

I am dogless.  Again.

For all of us who have loved a series of dogs, including a special ‘heart dog,’ I think some of the words will resonate with you. 36 more words


I Still Got It!

You know, that hidden talent. The one thing you excel at, something you do better than anyone else. For me, I have a special talent that I can do better than anyone I know or possibly in the world. 431 more words


Is this really a bargain?

New Zealanders love a bargain and a current special on one of the ‘limited day deal’ sites lists “100% Natural” dog treats, 184 of them in total, for $19.99. 146 more words


Keeping My Redbone Pain in the Ass....

Recently an author did a national piece on returning her puppy to the breeder.  She explained that the puppy was not conducive to their lifestyle.  It turns out that the puppy needs a schedule and wants to go potty at night.   732 more words