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Personality match

When I heard about Paws Like Me, a site with a personality quiz for matching prospective adopters with dogs up for adoption, I had to go look. 265 more words


Grieving for a pet

Today I have been thinking a lot about pet loss and grief.

It’s just been one of those weeks – a few older dogs who are clearly reaching the end of their lives and one client in particular who seems to be on the verge of needing to make an end-of-life decision for their aging dog…. 338 more words


An open letter to dog owners

I like dogs.  I really do.  I have a cat, a stray that adopted me after I had to put down my previous cat (another stray that had adopted me.   853 more words


Breed Specific Legislation: Ineffective, Costly, and Unjust

Most people can agree that it is unjust to make generalizations about someone, punish them, or discard them based on their appearance alone. You can’t just kick someone out of your community because they look a certain way.  397 more words

"Keep your dog on the bloody leash" - A Rant

If there’s one thing I can’t stand more than Sydney traffic, pseudoscience and a badly made cup of tea, it’s off leash dogs.

I know you probably just said “what a tosser” to yourself, so let me explain myself before you go storming off on a high of self righteousness. 668 more words

Dog Ownership

It's cheaper to buy

There are many lies I tell myself in order to justify buying a book (and I believe each and every one of them!). But there is one truth that I have held on to, but you’re going to think it’s another lie. 318 more words


It's not just any dog....it's an empty nester dog!

Kids packed off to uni and suddenly the house seems a bit empty. Eerily quiet. And tidy. The initial thrill of the spotless interior gives way to a certain ennui. 729 more words