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Weekly Rant #4 - Don't Park On Farmer's Fields At The Dog Parks In Saskatoon

This used to be a huge problem at the Chief Whitecap dog park just outside of Saskatoon. However, the city has recently built a parking lot there, so residents now have a place to park. 281 more words


Oklahoma City Paw Park

Not much beats a nice romp in a dog park… except of course a romp in a dog park with a pond area! 511 more words

Dog Parks

Dog Park People of LA

I’m not a people person. I’m not what one might call an introvert either, but I definitely don’t feel compelled to engage people I don’t know beyond high-level pleasantries. 848 more words


Racial Profiling

A new dog shows up at our park play group. Is Cali interested in meeting or playing with this newcomer? Is she curious? Is she hesitant, cautious? 618 more words

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Weekly Rant #2 - Don't Drive Crazy In the Saskatoon Off Leash Dog Parking Lots Or Roads

Now, it was last winter sometime and I didn’t get a picture. I wish I had – oh well. Anyways, a bunch of people in a large pickup truck were towing their friends around the Sutherland Dog Park road on a tow rope connected to a tube. 202 more words


Where's Benji's Ball?

I don’t know about small humans – can they smell as well as a puppy?

When I was small I could always smell very well. I could smell my mother in order to get milk even though I couldn’t see. 495 more words