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Crystal Ball Photography At Mugdock

It was my birthday last week and one of the great presents that Kat got me was a crystal ball. No I am not about to start crystal ball readings and trying to see into my or anyone else’s future but instead is to use for taking different and interesting photos. 59 more words


Happy Birthday,​ Maggie!

I was reminded that the matriarch of our fur family turned 15 years old today.

She has spent all fifteen years with us.

She’s still sassy, but showing her age with some arthritis and hearing loss, (maybe she just doesn’t feel like listening). 25 more words

Hoppy Easter Ya all and April’s Fools to boot!

Hoppy Easter Ya all and April’s Fools to boot!

Victor, my cocker-cross, is paw-paring for his a drive out of town – call it a day-cation. 182 more words


Me Time

With everything going on at at the moment it is very difficult to get any time out and have some me time. It is important to have that cause it means that you function better when having to deal with everything, it all has a knock on effect but it can be very difficult to prioritise getting that time to yourself. 132 more words


A Girl and Her Dog

On the heels of the post I put out this morning here is another photo from last weekend. Anna (@nominramen) has a unique and beautiful relationship with her puppy Ripley, check her out on Instagram for more wonderful adventures!

A portrait from Sunday

A sunset portrait of my lovely wife and her loyal companion on the edge of the bowl at Railbender Skatepark. We were in the middle of a super fun session and as I carved through the bowl I noticed that the sun was about to dip behind the trees and everyone standing on the west deck of the bowl was a silhouette against the afternoon sky. 81 more words

Zack and Ace: Two Dogs I Used to Know (Photos)

Zack and Ace were two dogs who lived with friends of mine. Zack was a pet store dog, bought as a puppy and Ace was a stray found at a park in the city I live near. 155 more words