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Sourced from Two on a Rant

A must-read if you are into aliens or Chuck Norris.

This picture reminds me of 5am at my house when my Black Lab alarm clock goes off. 24 more words

The Other Look

For those of you that felt bad for Martha and left messages after reading The Look, take heart.

Here is the “other” look.

Life is good for Martha and it’s better with ice cream. 9 more words

Sorry Sherlock

Hey, Buddy,

Thanks for coming to visit me.

Peepstress says I should apologize.

She says lots of things I don’t understand, but here goes:

Sorry I dragged you around by your cheek. 136 more words

The Scottie Chronicles

Melancholy Martha

I can watch this dog for hours on end, but we need to settle for ten seconds.

She is currently living the life with Megan in Houston, TX. 12 more words

A Photo Book for a Good Cause

It’s a Dog’s Life: Saving Lives Through the Lens is a full colour photo book following thirteen different furry canines, with a portion of its proceeds helping rescue dogs. 536 more words