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Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Turds

When I worked in the waste management industry the company that I worked for, the French Company Onyx UK  thought they had a perfect solution to pavement dog fouling.   34 more words


Poopie the Snowman

I was never really a snowman kinda kid.  I was more of a snow fort and snowball fight kinda guy.  But the snowman is a right of passage, its a staple in the northeast, its what sets apart the men from the boys.   168 more words

#todaysconclusions 21/02/15

Going for a 4 mile dog walk was a unexpected surprise.

Dogs can shit on their own legs without a moments hesitation.

Getting warm in a pub after a long walk will result in getting a cab back home. 40 more words


Wakey Wakey: Pet hates that get my goat!

Somehow, people get the impression I’m lovely. God knows why when I’m a seething pit of irritability. Here are just some peeves that are likely to get me from chilled to ranting in a matter of seconds. 212 more words


Chalk | 24th August 2012

A painter with a good sense of humour (and if only we all had a little bit more of that in our life).

(S)he used a chalk to write “WET PAINT” on the wall just under a freshly painted railing. 49 more words

Old Notes

#Janathon Day 25 - A decent walk with confusion

I Janathoned today with @caninegoldfish and @broduncanpbgv, both of whom seemed to disappear before we even made it to the woods. I can only assume that the keen wind meant the lure of the sofa was strong! 39 more words


Wednesday Waddle

Recently outside Angry Ducks flat, somebody has been letting their dog shit on the grass and not picking it up, so Angry Duck has taken to standing guard during the day outside the window to make sure it doesn’t happen again. 40 more words

Angry Duck