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Whisky and Haggis

What ho!  I been on me holidays ain’t I!  I’m still drifting on that holiday vibe so I’m feeling a bit horizontal – which is my excuse for not having done you a jolly cartoon to giggle at. 382 more words

La situacion de Bs. As. en relacion a la caca de perro (Buenos Aires' Relationship with Dog Poo)

(English version below)

Observaciones sobre la caca de perro y Bs. As.
  1. La cantidad de caca de perro en las veredas ha disminuido.

Desde que tengo memoria, que es más o menos desde el año 1995, las veredas de la capital Argentina fueron caracterizadas por tener una probabilidad alta de pisar caca de perro. 711 more words

Horticultural News Of The Week

I always think that the wedding of Pippa Middleton marks the beginning of the English society season. Hang on, I’ve got that wrong – I meant the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. 268 more words


Geen Uitlaatveld: "no exhaust field"?

Spotted from my hotel room window in Amsterdam. I was so intrigued by what looked like a Keith Harring-inspired sign that I had to go downstairs and find it to snap a pic. 106 more words


On the bounce

Tigger I am not. The wonderful thing about Tiggers, is he’s the only one. A.A. Milne’s subtext was clearly don’t try and be Tigger – don’t try and bounce when it is not in your nature to do so. 424 more words


What Is This All About, You Nonce?

Good late afternoon/early evening, constituents, and if you’re a dog owner whose dog prefers to defecate in a little plastic bag, invariably black, that you tie in a cute bowed knot (like the one that kept Dick Whittington’s hanky attached to a brown stick on his way to becoming London Mayor, and designer of the world’s first rucksack), and then dump on the pavement like a tiny refuse sack full of wormy turd, for some imaginary dog shit fairy to haul over her shoulder and fly away home with, like a stinky and probably blind Tinkerbell, then read on. 494 more words

Goodbye to dog poo

A while back, I got a bit annoyed at the quantity of land mines that Athena was leaving. That, plus the frequency, plus the location (always right by the gate and next to the drivers side doors of the cars). 982 more words