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Canine companions and the lure of inattentively pooping in public

The title of this post is unashamedly taken from an article in the journal Environmental Sociology.

This article is a study, primarily focused on European nations, and the patterns of owners who do/do not clean up after their dog poops. 163 more words



Well , here we are again it’s friday, leaves falling off trees rapidly now, foggy days and receding daylight. Not cold yet but winter is lurking around the corner. 520 more words

Why You Should Get an Education

I was in West Palm Beach, Florida when I came across this ad in the local paper. It’s why kids need to stay in school. 766 more words

Dog Poo

Oh poo!

My husband and I have developed a bit of an obsession. I’ve heard that it’s similar with parents of newborns. It’s a bit embarrassing to say, but… it’s an obession with poo   900 more words


Todd's Watering Ticket

We rent our house, and the landlord has a yard crew come every Monday to trim and clean up the yard. As part of their routine, they turn the sprinklers on for about 5 or 10 minutes. 88 more words


There's a lot to like about #autumn but...

There’s a lot to like about autumn but the risk of treading in dog poo concealed by falling leaves is definitely greater.

Whether this is an improvement on summer, where the daily smell of warm dog poo lingers in the air for longer, I’m not sure. 38 more words


Thistle threat, litter louts and dog poo – but all's well in the colourful dales

I have often thought that left without any interference from human and beast, thistles would eventually dominate the world. I’m sure this year I’ve seen more fields taken over by the plant than ever before. 551 more words