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A different way to encourage owners to scoop

Let’s make the world less crap…

That’s the opening line of a current Kickstarter campaign to obtain funding for Poopins, a biodegradable marker for piles of dog poo that haven’t been removed by unthinking dog walkers. 279 more words

Dog Ownership

Sights of Plymouth-is every city the same?

As I ride my bicycle, walk or run the streets of Plymouth, which is a daily occurrence, it dazzles me with delights & disgustes me with its not such delightful sights at alternating intervals. 660 more words

The Dog Poo Bag Deposit Mystery

There’s a house on the corner of our road which doesn’t seem to be occupied, or at least only occasionally. The hedges grow out over the pavement and there’s an old hawthorn – much of which is dead, which is gradually dropping large lumps of deadwood. 367 more words

#todaysconclusions 03/05/15

Watching your local team get promoted is a great feeling.

Invading a pitch has filled a life long ambition.

One day I’d like to play on a pitch that isn’t covered in dog shit. 32 more words


The Professional park and Dogs

This blog began with a piece about restoring the professional park service. I feel so strongly about this that, as we enter the last week of campaigning, I want to bring it back to the top of the agendum. 153 more words


Naked, Shameless Exploitation

I’ve met a good few journalists in my time. Some of them local hacks. Some of them household names. Some of them happen to be low-life scum who wouldn’t think twice about slicing their own mother’s fingers off if it resulted in a line or two in The Daily Mail. 1,903 more words

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