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Low Hanging Fruit

It’s a wonderful thing that most dog owners are now clearing up after their fur babies. The question is: what to do with it? This is an area where one size does not fit all and urban and rural environments differ. 393 more words


What is a Dicky Bag™?

Dog Walking Freedom: It’s in the Bag!

The Dicky Bag™ is a lightweight carrier, with odour prevention, to put those awkward plastic bags containing dog poop in until you get to an appropriate disposal point. 189 more words

Wiff Waff Designs

Poopy Puppy on a Plane

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Had I met Snowball under different circumstances, I’m sure I would have found her adorable.  Sadly for our friendship, I met her on a crowded plane.   379 more words


Your dog's poo

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul; in many ways your dog’s poo is a window on their health.

(I never thought I’d see the day when I wrote about poop – but there’s a first time for everything.) 280 more words


Pooper Scooping

Folks, I’m no muckraker, but I’ve stepped in the stuff a few times; too many times actually.

Which is why a few weeks ago, as I was staggering around Spinnaker Park, I was delighted to see a bloke, with one arm in a sling, using a black plastic bag to pick up his dog’s poo. 312 more words

Local Knowledge

An Early THANK YOU!!! And why and how i blog.

It’s Sunday in my country and I’m about to go to work but I gotta get this out now.

I’ve restarted my blog and am starting to get some likes, and I’ve got to say this early, thank you all, from the deepest reaches of my heart. 799 more words