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Only about 60% of dog owners pick up after their pets, The 83 million dogs in the US generate more than 11 million tons of waste each year. 792 more words


I Saw the Dog That Walked its Owner

The dog walked by my house every day with its owner in tow. The woman’s hair was grey and she did a slight shuffle along the sidewalk in her black, flat shoes. 318 more words


Dog poo: a stinker of a problem

I’m not sure when the problem of dogs fouling public spaces became one of the great scourges of everyday life.

It isn’t something I remember from my childhood, nor even from when my own children were small. 561 more words

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Passive Aggressive Notes: Poop Drawings and Urine Variants

Another passive aggressive note that reads as follows:


  • 這附近很少有流浪犬,卻常在巷口這一帶見到狗狗的和 💩。
  • 請想想出入踩到的人心情有多差…😞
  • 煩請發揮公德心&飼主之義務,勿放任家犬便溺卻不清理!

非常感謝! Thanks a lot!!

Dear block neighbours:

  • There are very few stray dogs around here, but I often find doggy and and 💩 around the mouth of the alley.
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The Bucket of Horrors

Hi Internet Pals. Today is Wednesday, the hump day, also trash day. I just took it out. They pick it up tomorrow. The worst part of taking out the trash at our place is the poop bag extraction. 206 more words

A London Girl's New Life in Paris - The Truth (originally written for Elle Online)

It was a grim January night when my boyfriend suggested the prospect of moving to Paris. I am a life-long Londoner, so the idea of upping sticks to another capital city was certainly not a daunting one… They’re our neighbours, right? 613 more words