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Getting perspective on a stinky problem

I have been trying to steer away from this issue but since Christmas, I’ve noticed it a lot more in Anagach.

Dog poo.

First thing to say is that I am a dog owner and I take that dog to the woods for exercise and yes, to do her “business”. 498 more words

Anagach Woods

Stanmer to Keymer - across the Downs.

I got a lift to Stanmer Park with Rowena (she was running, training for the London Marathon) and so quickly was surrounded by fields and woods and dog walkers – of which more later.   426 more words



It is reported that the Forestry Commission is recommending dog walkers to flick their charges’ poos into the undergrowth rather than leaving bags of it hanging from branches. 206 more words



Only about 60% of dog owners pick up after their pets, The 83 million dogs in the US generate more than 11 million tons of waste each year. 792 more words


I Saw the Dog That Walked its Owner

The dog walked by my house every day with its owner in tow. The woman’s hair was grey and she did a slight shuffle along the sidewalk in her black, flat shoes. 318 more words


Dog poo: a stinker of a problem

I’m not sure when the problem of dogs fouling public spaces became one of the great scourges of everyday life.

It isn’t something I remember from my childhood, nor even from when my own children were small. 561 more words

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