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There's a lot to like about #autumn but...

There’s a lot to like about autumn but the risk of treading in dog poo concealed by falling leaves is definitely greater.

Whether this is an improvement on summer, where the daily smell of warm dog poo lingers in the air for longer, I’m not sure. 38 more words


Thistle threat, litter louts and dog poo – but all's well in the colourful dales

I have often thought that left without any interference from human and beast, thistles would eventually dominate the world. I’m sure this year I’ve seen more fields taken over by the plant than ever before. 551 more words

Even more stuff I have learned from staying alive longer than I ever expected to... part 2...

Never scoop up the dog poo in bare feet… especially if you have had another dog visiting your dog for a week… and the grass hasn’t been mowed in a while… take my word for it…


God doesn't like the smell of cr@p!!

Years ago when I was in sales, I walked up to a scheduled appointment at a very nice looking condominium. As I knocked on the door my expectations were very high… 627 more words

A Thought...

Snapshots from State Fair

Water quality takes center stage at the Iowa State Fair when you visit the Conservation Station. Dogs, ducks, a rain machine, watershed game, poo, shuffleboard, prizes… what’s not to love?!   408 more words

In Darkness Looms the Runner

Of late my runs, the kind of foot not of bowel, have had to take place at that magic hour of sunset, when shadows pull across ones path eventually bleeding into darkness. 126 more words


In Bisto's Footsteps

Today, on Laika’s 4 months’ birthday, a rare sun was shining and we took a trip to Culzean Country Park where we lived when Bisto came into my life 30-odd years ago. 291 more words