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In Praise of Small Dogs

This blog post was going to be about Willow’s Big Kennel Adventure, but I’m suffering from writers block on that one so you’ll have to have this one instead! 639 more words

Pet Waste Removal Helps You to Create A Healthy Environment

Are you having a pet at home? Well, then this pet definitely provides you with a good company but also brings with it responsibility of taking care of it in a proper way. 306 more words

Bagged Cat Waste

An unwelcome sign of spring

On average  posts on our Facebook site reach about 500 people every day – well a couple of days ago our Lead Ranger for North Dartmoor, Mick Jones, posted the following photo along with a short pithy sentence – this has reached over 10,500 people! 44 more words

The Dog Poo Dilemma: Solved

My dog’s poop. A lot. Over the last couple of months it has accumulated in our very small yard. Now that the snow is finally melting…well, you get the idea. 96 more words


Soil Restoration: Poop-Soup Method

Over time, the soil in the yard had turned to hard-packed dust with very little nutrient or organic content. There were no worms or plants or any kind in site. 333 more words

Sarah Shah

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Turds

When I worked in the waste management industry the company that I worked for, the French Company Onyx UK  thought they had a perfect solution to pavement dog fouling.   34 more words


Poopie the Snowman

I was never really a snowman kinda kid.  I was more of a snow fort and snowball fight kinda guy.  But the snowman is a right of passage, its a staple in the northeast, its what sets apart the men from the boys.   168 more words