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Wildlife: You Can't Shoot It, You Can't Have Sex with It

Everyone is so up in arms over the senseless death of Cecil the Lion, and with good reason. It was really a jackass move to lure him out and take off his GPS collar so a rich American guy could shoot him. 613 more words

Overly Simple Thoughts

The Plot Of 'The Wedding Ringer' Recreated With Reviews

There’s a strange phenomenon we noticed with certain types of movies. Movies that, let’s say, don’t give a reviewer a lot to chew on, intellectually. In these circumstances, those reviewers have a tendency to just describe the action they see on screen, as presumably they’ve deemed deep analysis unnecessary. 1,514 more words


PHOTO: Dog gives birth to human looking baby in Trinidad

Well, judge for yourselves, one of the sickest things I’ve ever seen. If you think the pics are fake so be it. The dog gave birth to 5 puppies and a human form monster at night. 8 more words



Poppy has been smelling a bit funny recently. Sort of a woody, earthy smell. I kind of like it, to be honest. It sort of makes me feel all stirred up and gets me going a bit. 402 more words

When a Sight Hits your Eye Like a Big Giant Stye, that's Amore! (doggy style)

(Oke Millet, our guest blogger, is a Canadian who lives in Chile, and works in weird and wonderful places. He loves to travel, especially to the obscure & rarely seen.) 768 more words



Apparently he was doing the nasty for several hours before his heart gave out. I don’t know if to laugh or feel bad…