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5 Tips when you House Sit

I’ve been house/dog sitting for an old professor for the past couple days, and I’ve learned a lot.

1.) Check the windows.

Just because your house has blinds, doesn’t mean this one will. 104 more words

Working up a sweat

I live in a tiny house. Not the tiny houses that are now all the rage, but a legit small house. I’m talking 1,000 sq ft. 301 more words


Dog Sitting Apps

Keeping your pet in good hands while you are on vacations will never be this easier! As a dog owner and constant traveller, I have always had the problem of finding the right dog sitter. 264 more words


Comfort at any angle.

While dog sitting at my aunts for a week, I took some pretty cute shots of her silly pups. This is Taber and, yes, he is a pit, but he is a lovable sweetheart, who happens too take up more of the bed than I’d like to share. 58 more words


Dog Days

I have been house and dog sitting for my aunt and uncle for a week. One long week. It’s necessary to point out that I’m childless, by choice and dog-less, due to circumstance. 907 more words

The Dogged Question

Let me preface this by saying that I love animals and have grown up with a variety of furry friends from pet mice all the way up to my beloved late Appaloosa horse. 975 more words



I have officially hit the half way point in my journal. Kind of insane. I have been journaling and blogging for 2 ½ years. The moment I take to write one sentence each night centers me. 749 more words

Vogel's Rap