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Another Monday

It’s Monday again, my least favourite day of the week. My dad made me get up early so I could dog-sit a dog belonging to a friend of my dad. 131 more words


A new day

I am awake, and since I woke up a couple of hours ago, I have already forgotten what I dreamt about last night.

My dad made me get up at 10am again because he wants me to dog-sit, which I am doing right now. 130 more words


Dog-sitting, then delivering

My dad told me to get up early again today, this time at 10am. He said he wants me to dog-sit the dog belonging to my dad’s friend, which me and my dad dog-sat for a while back as well. 99 more words


Woke up, went to sleep again, then woke up again

My dad opened my bedroom door soon after my alarm went of at 8am and said “No dog-sitting today as it turns out“, before closing the door again. 47 more words


Gallery Mondays: Biscuits & Bath Doggy Gym

Since I’m dog sitting for my roommate during her spring break this week, I thought it would be fitting to feature a piece of artwork I saw at… 121 more words

Pop Culture

My Side Job!

Hey everyone!

I wanted to tell you guys about my part time job!

I am registered as a dog/pet sitter on Rover.com. I have been watching people’s pets for about two years at this point. 212 more words


Our First Hike of the Season

Well…it wasn’t a real hike being that it’s an asphalt path but it was through the grasslands and forest in a provincial park so it was closer to a hike than our walks in our local neighbourhood park. 410 more words