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A Dog's Favorite Objects (in words)

I have a few favorite objects, and treats are my favorite of all the objects in the world.

Because I get to eat and enjoy them and then remember that I had the enjoyment, so I seek more to relive the experience. 276 more words

Shelley Widhalm

A Walk with Colin

This month I didn’t do a blog post after I got my Dukebox from Ruby and Duke, but I did tweet as I opened it and posted some photos on my Facebook… however, in case you missed those, I’m here to show you the bestest thing in the box this month – it was a bright orange octopus balloon toy! 564 more words


New Puppy Toys ~

Every few weeks (or months if we’re lucky), we stock up on toys for Penny and Lucy. Being that Lucy is about half the size as Penny, you’d think that Penny would be the bigger toy-destroyer of the two. 218 more words


New Puppy Toy ~

I picked this up last week while stocking up on dog food. I thought it was adorable and for $4.77 not too pricey. It was part of the “close out” toys left over from Easter at my local Petsmart. 251 more words


Toy Update ~

About a month ago now I posted about some new toys I purchased for Penny and Lucy. Since many of the toys have lived a colorful life, I thought now would be a good time to post an update! 574 more words


New Toys For Penny and Lucy ~

As I walked into Petsmart today, I was overwhelmed by the current toy sale. Buy 2 get one free. Having worked retail for many years, I know that it is likely not the best deal available. 654 more words


Top 3 Dog Toys

Finding a safe, durable, and interactive dog toy should not be a difficult experience. Although, this is the case there are so many dog toys on the market it can be difficult to choose one. 315 more words

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