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Your Relationship with Your Dog

I am reading “The Toolbox for Building a Great Family Dog” by Terry Ryan right now….seeing if there are any helpful training tips for dogs and their people and I came across this great quote. 71 more words


The 8th Professional Canine Trainer Course〔P.C.T.C.〕2015

Hong Kong needs more outstanding and serious dog trainers,professional dog trainer program is designed to provide simulated field,for students to receive comprehensive learning elements and experience this professional career.At the beginning of this dog trainer course,a puppy will be provided as a training material,during the course,students need to take care of dogs,giving social education include getting along with peoples and among dogs,obedience training,collective management and mutual assistance between students’ ability,integrity,etc. 415 more words


Don't Shoot the Trainer - words from me to you

I think honesty and keeping expectations in check are super important with everything we do.

For example, you’re not going to go from being a couch potato to a Mt. 2,266 more words

Nancy Tanner

Tricks for Dogs - Sit Pretty

We all want our dog to at least SIT PRETTY, but your dog must be able to hold a Sit before he can learn this trick. 78 more words

Certified Professional Dog Trainer