Did you know that dog coaching and training is an investment in your dog’s mental stability and good behavior?  A dog taught with basic manners is a delight!   93 more words

Aldo Vidal

My Love Affair With All My Canine Companions

When I was a child living in Ecuador, dogs, as well as a menagerie of animals that belonged to my grandmother, were part of my every day life.  322 more words


What's in a Name?

In a recent discussion on a previous article I’d written, I was told that I was paying too much attention to semantics on a particular topic. 413 more words

Shopping At Home Depot With Abby

Moving is always hectic and time consuming and we’ve been busy unpacking, cleaning, buying things for our new place and much more.  Home Depot is one of the places we’ve been going to lately a lot so we take Abby with us to expose her to new people, environment, sounds, etc. 262 more words



It was a chilly spring day, and Griffin and I had just started our afternoon training session together. I picked him up out of the backseat of my car because he still doesn’t think he can jump down, and off we went on that Wednesday adventure. 1,081 more words

Dog Talk

My Favourite Training Treats

Nisi: The type of food treat you use in training will really depend on your dog’s preferences AND what level of distraction you’re working with. For your every day training practice at home, feel free to use your dog’s kibble meals for a training session instead of using the dog dish. 366 more words

Dog Training

Hoont™ Electronic Dog Repellent and Trainer

This review is from: Hoont™ Electronic Dog Repellent and Trainer with Flashlight / Powerful Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent and Bark Stopper + Dog Trainer Device / Protect Yourself + Train Your Dog (Misc.) 313 more words