LeeLoo, Go to Tent

LeeLoo, Go to Tent

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About a year ago, I realized that LeeLoo was kind of overwhelming and pushy whenever someone came into the house. 454 more words


Building and Breaking Trust

Everyone that reads this thing regularly, knows I do a lot of training through game play.

And, not in the surface “Create a reward event to make them work” sort if way. 320 more words

Jay Jack

Dog Leg Weaving

Start with your dog sitting or standing at your left side. Hold several small treats in each hand. Take a large step with your right foot and drop your right hand straight down on the outside of your right leg while giving the verbal cue “WEAVE”. 140 more words

Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Safety in Your Backyard for Your Dog

Durfey’s Dogs Canine Hints:   Protect your dog from dangers in your own back yard. Fence your yard and make sure that gate is closed before he goes out. 67 more words

Certified Professional Dog Trainer