Did you and your family recently get a new puppy? If so, here are a few tips to help get you and your new puppy started off right. 772 more words

Dog Trainer

Canine Friends

So I have finished my first week as a canine coach and I am SO in love with it. Seeing the different types of dogs, how they react with one another, how many female dogs are actually the humpers (lol), and being around people who love dogs as much as I do…  it’s all truly amazing. 478 more words


In Relation with Dogs

Linda Brodzik’s childhood interests has shaped her into the animal trainer she is today. Like many animal lovers, she grew up with dogs, cats, and numerous “pocket pets”. 1,283 more words

Lincoln Animal Ambassadors

Do you really need a dog trainer?

Before you book in a trainer, maybe there are some things you could try at home first.

I’m sure you’ve already Googled your particular problem and maybe you found some suggestions… maybe it helped a bit or maybe it wasn’t specific enough or confused you even more? 958 more words

Stair Master To Hell

I used to take the easy road. The simple way.  The path of least resistance.

Enter the Stair Master.

Recently, I have been listening to motivational stuff during the day.   293 more words


If you have a passion for something, and love what you do day in and day out, why let other people take that away from you. 294 more words

Critical Dog Training News Releases Video On Finding The World’s Top Online Dog Trainer

Online magazine Critical Dog Training News has released a new YouTube video, which discusses how to find the world’s top online dog trainer. This video has been designed to help dog owners find the top dog trainer, who is available online, thereby giving them the freedom to study at their own pace. 306 more words