How to Potty Train Your Puppy in 2 Weeks!

While training up in Smyrna yesterday I was approached by an individual seeking advice about potty training. They said it took them 5-7 months to potty train their last puppy! 563 more words


Lacey Tests for CGN

This Friday, I’m putting Lacey through her paces to see if she’s ready to take her CGN test.  I believe that she’s more than ready, but my philosophy is, Let’s make sure.  229 more words


Introducing..... Piper

  Say hello to Piper.  Piper is a 5-month-old St. Bernard/Lab mix I am going to be working with. She is going to be training to become a full-fledged Service animal for her human. 338 more words


Re-programming Lacey

I had an interesting training session with Lacey and Tanya last night. Lacey has been exhibiting some unwanted behaviors that must be addressed before they get more out of hand than they are already. 363 more words


In Recovery

Good Monday to all.  Apologies for the lack of updates; I’ve been quite sick and I’m only just now starting to feel more like myself.  Courtesy of my husband, here are a couple of pictures of Glimmer doing her job. 243 more words



About a month ago, a neighbor from the cul-de-sac next door began walking her Chihuahua, Sweet Pea, in the cul-de-sac where Sugar and I live. 372 more words

Life With Pets