Boot-camp Ben

Yesterday was the first day of doggy boot-camp for Ben. All things considered, he did great. And, for the first time in the three weeks that he’s been with us, I finally managed to get him to “lay down”.  299 more words


It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas! Part 1- Tug Toys

So who doesn’t put gifts under the tree for their dogs? I’m compiling a list of my favorite dog stuff, for giving to our four legged Bffs! 290 more words

Dog Training

Three Weeks

Last night, Violet was moved to our daughter’s home for her safety and well-being. She will remain there until Ben is adopted. We will be visiting every couple of days so Violet knows we haven’t abandoned her. 158 more words


Preventing Unwanted Urination A Training Your Dog Basic

Training Your Dog Basic

That little puppy that looked so adorable at the pound has started to do some not so adorable things around your house. 711 more words

Training Your Dog

Realistic Expectations

Tomorrow (Wednesday) marks Ben’s third week with us.  On the whole, he’s been making good progress in most areas – even his eating has finally started to slow down. 637 more words


Ben, Enter Week Three

It’s bitterly cold here in Calgary, this Monday morning. It’s -16C (4F) with a wind chill of -26C (-14F). Ben won’t be going outside at all unless he has to potty. 473 more words


Snow Ben

Yesterday, the temperature was just right for Ben to have some fun outside. This was the result. Enjoy your day, and remember to stay calm and lead on…