How To Find The Top Institutes Offering The Best Quality Canine Training Certification Programs?

There are a few among the long list of institutes that offer excellent canine training certification programs. If you are interested to learn the art of teaching and taming a dog and make it your profession, you will have to learn the technique and have to earn a certificate for the better future prospects. 458 more words

Canine Training Certification

Why Americans Are Obsessed With Their Pet Dogs? The Views Of Schaffer

You might have heard about Schaffer, who is the author of the book “ One Nation Under Dog”, which speaks exclusively about the love of Americans for their pet dogs. 489 more words

Dog Trainer

Robert Eimer - 20+ Years Professional Experience

Growing up training dogs has given Robert an ability to “speak dog.” At just 35 years of age he has dedicated 23 years of his life to connecting with people and their dogs. 179 more words

Socializing Your Dog With Other Dogs

As a child growing up in Ecuador with a menagerie of animals, dogs were our constant companions.  I grew up in a small village by the sea and for us to see a dog being walked on a leash was something very weird.  215 more words


Dogs & Kids

Today I am going to share with you some amazing free resources for learning about dogs and kids from some experts on the subject. Whether you are getting ready to prepare your dog for a new baby on the way or looking to create a more harmonious relationship between your dog and child, these resources will be a tremendous help. 184 more words