Animal Behaviour - In Depth

Pawsitive Correction :)

Dog Training and Behaviour correction is a great task to deal with. Pet parents, usually first timers, deal with animals in a very diff way. 321 more words

Pet Talks !

KC International Agility Festival 2017

Thanks much to Ifan Griffiths for the fantastic photos from KC Fest.

Support Training with Glimmer

I’m back from my vacation. I had to take a micro-vacation to recover from it to be ready for fall classes, which are now underway. Glimmer is back in training, and 323 more words


Protecting Your Dog

You are your dog’s only true advocate.  If you won’t protect him, who will?  He will, that’s who.

Most aggression comes from a place of fear and insecurity.   356 more words


Aug. 5, 2017 Update

Lacey is home with her family.  They report that she is 189 more words


Monsters are Everywhere - When You're a Puppy

The world can be a big and scary place if you’re a puppy!  As you’re socializing your puppy and taking him/her to new places, keep in mind that things that seem completely normal to you can be very frightening to a young pup. 505 more words


Day 22: Lacey Goes Home

It’s been a long three weeks. It’s been challenging and rewarding, frustrating and funny, and more. And today, it all comes to a close. Today, Lacey is 141 more words