Put the Fun and Ease Back into Dog Walking with Your New EZ Dog Walker's Vest.

Dear Fellow Dog Walker, 

As a life-long dog walker and dog lover, the development of the EZ Dog Walker’s Vest comes from the heart. Before creating the Vest, walking our dogs seemed like a struggle because it was difficult to hold everything, like dog waste bags, water bottles, my cell phone, dog treats, hand wipes, ID, etc. 272 more words

Are Dogs Right or Left Pawed

Left or Right-Pawed? Can dogs be left or right-pawed like people are left or right-handed? Sure can. Scientists placed a piece of tape in the middle of a dog’s nose and recorded which paw they used to remove it. 19 more words

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Customised CapMagnets

By this time, on the night of 22nd February 2015, Bark N Bond‘s Pet Camp on the outskirts of Mumbai must have ended. And I do hope the pet parents, as Pranita calls them, are delighted with the little souvenirs that they are carrying home. 127 more words


What's in a name?

I’ve been preparing to get my business license and launch my dog training business.  But I am finding myself stumped when it comes to choosing a name.   212 more words

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Doggone It. Stop Jumping on Me!

Dogs usually jump up on people to get their attention. It doesn’t matter to them if it is negative or positive attention. The more you push them away, the more they jump. 72 more words

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I hate labeling dogs. But I catch myself doing it. Zero is afraid of children. I’ve said it a thousand times. Except he’s not.

After 2 years at his side job of being the paid entertainment at children’s birthday parties and teaching kids how to train dogs at kids camp, Zero now seeks out children to throw his toys at the beach. 139 more words

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