Fresh news: 30/6/15

Summer is in full swing and tomorrow we are predicted a roasting 28*C. We have been walking our dogs either early in the morning or late at night as, just like us, they are not keen on hot weather. 226 more words


Fresh news: 25/6/15

For Kasper’s 5th birthday at the end of May we spent £25 on a doggy paddling pool for him. He loves to paddle and swim; he jumps into puddles, ponds, canals and even the sea! 142 more words


Back From Maryland - Wrapping Things Up

Our recent trip took us back to Maryland for a couple of days, and while wrapping things up we decided to go and have some fun.  184 more words


Love your dogs? Here are 10 awesome tips to get the best trainer for it.

Finding a perfect trainer for your dog can be really difficult sometimes, especially if you love your dog to the core and does not want to hurt it in the name of training. 533 more words

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