Six Genius Uses for the "Place" Command

If you watch any of my training videos or work with me at all, you’ll quickly learn that the “place” command is one of my absolute favorite things to teach a dog. 668 more words


Hello, welcome to my blog

All my life, I’ve been a dog lover, I am passionate about spending time caring for dogs and understanding their behavior which explains why I got certified as a professional dog trainer in 2013. 127 more words


'A Dog's Purpose' Dog Forced Into Water For Movie! [VIDEO]

A dog from the new film “A Dog’s Purpose,” was caught on camera being forced into turbulent water against it’s will for a scene. 119 more words


Ben, Week 9

Nine weeks ago, a fearful, mistrustful, nervous, anxious, insecure, dangerously food-obsessed dog named Ben came into our home for rehabilitation. He could not be around small animals or young children at all, he was very reactive towards humans squatting down to his level, he could not handle direct eye contact for longer than a few seconds, he did not know how to play, he was mouthy and nippy and pushy… Ben was a red-zone case with so many issues that even I had a moment where I wondered if I would be able to help him. 385 more words


Treats, Pictures and Dogs

Every time I try to take pictures of dogs for the most part it ends up in a complete disaster, but I laugh and enjoy the experience.  132 more words



 I recently received this update from one of my clients, who took-on a troubled stafffy x 2 years ago. When Tia arrived, she was so fearful that she couldn’t even cope with being in the front garden. 1,013 more words

How to Train a Shelter Dog

Bringing home a shelter dog is an exciting and wonderful time. You’ve just saved a life and you are about to embark on a wonderful adventure with your new best friend. 1,157 more words

Thoughts On Dogs