Relax and Let Go

As of last Wednesday – April 19 – Ben has been with us for 22 weeks. In the time he’s been with us, he has changed dramatically from a red-zone, highly reactive dog to a happier, more relaxed, even somewhat obedient dog. 487 more words


Hard Work

In Tuesday’s session with Lacey, we went to a local RONA store for distraction training and obstacle work. It was her first time in this type of location. 315 more words


Abby Went to Harvard

Who said Harvard is only for humans?  We took Abby this past weekend to Harvard to walk, do some sightseeing, take pictures and, of course, continue working on her commands and behavior.  131 more words


Ben Takes A Road Trip

  Ben has been with us for 21 weeks as of last Wednesday. Yesterday, I took him on his first road trip. We went to Kananaskis country. 619 more words




When I first met Dodge, I was struck by how quiet he was. He was a 4 year old lurcher who had been rehomed to a dog-free family, having been brought up with two other dogs. 1,771 more words

Uncovering Your Dog's Emotions

Do you know what your dog is communicating at a given time? Do you know how he may be feeling when a stranger approaches? Do you know when your dog wants attention or wants to be alone? 553 more words

New Literature Review Recommends Reward-Based Training by Zazie Todd, Ph.D.

New Literature Review Recommends Reward-Based Training

A review of 17 papers concludes that reward-based dog training has fewer risks and may even work better than aversive methods. 279 more words

Training Dogs