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Parenting a dog can be really very tough job if you have someone like Pauline’s Sid or Mark’s Archie. The behavioural issues that were displayed by Sid and Archie were extremes.Mark remembers that how Archie was an out-of control dog as he used to chew kid’s shoes, dig the floor or pull the clothes of the line. 452 more words

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A day in the life of a puppy training instructor...

I’m lucky enough to work for a wonderful assistance dog organisation called Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Today I’m going to let you be nosy & pry in on a day in my life… 1,225 more words

The Best Commands to Teach Your Dog

Dog training in San Diego – or anywhere else for that matter – can be hard. It requires patience, diligence and a ton of treats in some cases. 306 more words

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What a week!

Well, its getting a little chillier isn’t it but we have had a few rain free days recently which makes a change. The supermarkets already have Christmas stuff on the shelves, pet shops have dog Christmas stockings hanging up for sale by the tills full of dog chocolates and squeaky toys – and its not even Halloween yet!! 961 more words

When K9 Dog Training Is There, Be Assured For Your Dog- Book the Best Dog Training Course Now!

Those cute little puppy faces makes everyone fall in love with them and win heart with their loyalty, innocent and unconditional love. Surely there is a reason for calling them “man’s best friend”.  416 more words

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Recall is so easy to teach!

One of the things I see pup parents struggling with most is recall – getting their dog to come when called.

I find it unbelievable how many people have not trained their dog to come when called (and I find it ridiculous how many still let their dog’s off lead…), because generally speaking IT IS SO EASY!!! 749 more words

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Why The E Collar?

One of the questions we most often receive is: “Why does Bourbon wear an e-collar?”

To answer this, I first feel I need to explain e collars (electronic collars), misconceptions, and how they are used. 2,198 more words