Chandra Lynn Smith Loves Tiny Houses

The Coming Home collection is Chandra Lynn Smith’s first publication, and she’s so excited, I can see her beaming from here.  She’s an amazing woman with an amazing history, but for us, she’s just another tiny house lover. 463 more words


Is Fido Bored?

It’s a fairly safe bet that almost every dog owner has probably experienced shredded shoes and clothing, chewed-up furniture , and other really destructive behaviors from their dogs. 469 more words


A Dog's Purpose!! 

Every Dog lover and Dog owner would relate to this movie.
A story about different dogs and how dogs have similar human qualities narrated by a dog who is the protagonist “Bailey” a golden retriever.Right from being the family Dog,squad Dog to being a small Dog and last but not the least,How dogs who are disowned have to live until they escape and find another home. 52 more words


Big News!

All I’m going to say today is this:  CLICK THIS for important information!  A new tab or window should open for you.  If not, please comment so that I can fix it.  Thanks!


Puppy Basics: Potty-Training, Reprimanding, And Benefits.

The boxer canine breed is 1 of the more well-liked breeds about the world but have you at any time wondered what makes this breed so nicely-favored? 490 more words

Six Months

Ben has been with us for six months – and what an amazing journey it’s been with him. He came into our lives a terrified, mistrustful, highly aggressive, red-zone dog. 549 more words


Help! My Dog is Aggressive, Reactive, Fearful, Anxious, etc. – What do I do?

By Don Hanson

Step one – Know that you are not alone. I receive several calls per week from people that are concerned about the manner in which their dog is behaving towards them, other people, other dogs, other animals, or maybe some combination of things. 954 more words

Training Dogs