Training is About Creating Aligned Energy

Creating cooperative energy is a top priority during my training classes for pups, yearlings, and adult dogs. When you and your dog have shared goals- this is what I call slipping into alignment with your best friend. 192 more words


Attention Barking: how you accidentally trained your dog to bark

Nisi: Attention seeking barking or whining is something that is learned. Unlike alert barking (mentioned in a previous post) which is an instinctual behaviour for protection, attention seeking barking is a vocalization your dog learns to use to get your attention. 404 more words

Dog Trainer

Kitchen Help Wanted

For those of us that have furry kids, preparing a meal – heck, even making a sandwich- feels like someone put up a sign that says, “Kitchen help wanted,” and our canine companions never fail to answer such ad.  156 more words


Speaking Dog: How not talking can speed up your dog training

Nisi: While teaching classes, working with dog owners one on one or just out enjoying a walk with my own dogs I am often asked this question “Why aren’t you saying anything?” Actually, I’m saying a lot to the dog I’m with, I’m just not using words. 458 more words

Dog Trainer

Fourdoglovers Obedience Training! 

Hey need a dog trainer, or groomer, or even a dog walker for your pup or dog, or simply don’t have time for your pup like you wish. 8 more words


Missing Alex - Happy 14th Birthday

It’s been a couple of months since Alex passed away and we still miss her very much.  Today, May 5th, would have been her 14th birthday.  90 more words


(Sorta) Wordless Wednesday | Someone Else's Heart Dog

Cora is not my dog, but I’m so honored to be part of her life. To know her is to love her. She oozes affection and kindness and she melts my heart. 16 more words