The Name Game - Is It Important?

Let me start by answering the question above.  Yes, the name game in training a dog is extremely important.  This is always the first command I work on before moving on to any other command.  233 more words


Strong Family Units: Understanding Pack Survival Anxiety in Companion Dogs

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Many of todays trainers are eschewing the idea that our modern dogs are pack animals. 561 more words


Dog Trainer Manchester

Are you looking for a highly experienced dog trainer Manchester that you can rely on and trust with your dog? You’re in luck! At Clever Dogs ‘n’ Digs, we cover all areas of… 161 more words


Why should you take your dog to a professional dog groomer?


Dogs come in a lot of varieties and breeds and the hygiene levels as well as the way they have to be kept cleaned can vary to a huge extent. 412 more words

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