Local Dog Expert Says Dogs Communicate Their Feelings

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Go to any dog park in the region — and ask dog owners if their dogs communicate with them, the answer is universal. 672 more words


2015 National Dog Trainer of the Year Finalists named

MILLTOWN, WI – It takes a special kind of person to be a dog trainer. In most cases these trainers must not only be able to understand the animal’s behavior, but also how to work with its owner to ensure the training sticks. 337 more words

Dog Agility Flooring

Thanksgiving Safety Tips For Dog Lovers

Tips from a dog trainer

1. Onions and garlic can be very toxic to your dog (even when cooked).

2. When you’re cooking keep your dog out of the kitchen so they don’t accidentally eat something they shouldn’t. 210 more words


The Trainer Who Doesn't Do Training Anymore (a.k.a. The "Pop" Dog Trainer)

My friend and I were walking with our dogs. I had Wizard (a pug x) and my friend had her pug x (Athena) and her dachshund x (Bandit). 959 more words


Kabler Training is Healing for Daisy

When I first met Miniature Schnauzer Daisy she was a frightened and severely anxious dog. She would bark at common noises in the home with intense excitability to the point of nipping. 602 more words

Asheville Dog Trainer

Out And About in Seaport District, Boston, MA

One of the things I recommend pet parents to do with their canine companions is go out and explore different areas in order to acclimate their dog/puppy to a variety of environments.  296 more words


Why Should I Care? Love, Your Dog

Imagine if a guy or gal called you up and said, “You will go out with me on a date Saturday. You will love me. You will respect me. 161 more words

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