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How to Potty Train Your Puppy in 2 Weeks!

While training up in Smyrna yesterday I was approached by an individual seeking advice about potty training. They said it took them 5-7 months to potty train their last puppy! 563 more words


How to find a good dog trainer

By Jamie Migdal, CEO of FetchFind

Whether you want to teach your new puppy basic commands or help a rescue dog become more comfortable in his new home, it pays to do your research before hiring a trainer. 273 more words


Tyler and his Autism Service Dog, Cookie

In March 2016, Jason Hackett, a reporter for WPTV, featured a story of 4 year old Tyler and his family’s journey to obtain an Autism Service Dog… 263 more words

Service Dogs

Trigger words

Unbeknownst to me Liezel began picking up on trigger words.  Words that would cause panic based on their past use.  Some of these words included morning, watch, heel, and worst of all, Liezel. 1,187 more words


Pampered Pets

I declare, it’s just getting to where you can’t trust pets anymore.  All my cat does is meow and complain.  She doesn’t like her food and plays finicky, going on a hunger strike until I offer the right food.  547 more words


The power of the Beagle (or all dogs we love)

This morning I made an appointment with the vet next week. Bella has gone from stiff old lady to nearly crippled in 2 months. Granted, she has always had a bad hip, knee surgery on her opposite leg and she is likely 15, but it still caught me by surprise.  1,279 more words



I’ve been reading others’ blogs about fearful and / or anxious dogs. Something that came to mind is the trust you put into trainers. Each trainer we sought the help of was giving different advice than the prior or the one after. 153 more words

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