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Trigger words

Unbeknownst to me Liezel began picking up on trigger words.  Words that would cause panic based on their past use.  Some of these words included morning, watch, heel, and worst of all, Liezel. 1,187 more words


Pampered Pets

I declare, it’s just getting to where you can’t trust pets anymore.  All my cat does is meow and complain.  She doesn’t like her food and plays finicky, going on a hunger strike until I offer the right food.  547 more words


The power of the Beagle (or all dogs we love)

This morning I made an appointment with the vet next week. Bella has gone from stiff old lady to nearly crippled in 2 months. Granted, she has always had a bad hip, knee surgery on her opposite leg and she is likely 15, but it still caught me by surprise.  1,279 more words



I’ve been reading others’ blogs about fearful and / or anxious dogs.  Something that came to mind is the trust you put into trainers.  Each trainer we sought the help of was giving different advice than the prior or the one after.   142 more words

Thoughts From The Human

Service Dog Facts in the United States w/ Neil Hutchins (Dog Sense Interview)

Hello all and welcome to tonight’s Q&A! This evening we are discussing Service Dogs in the US with our own ‪#‎treatfairy‬ Neil Hutchins Resto. As always this will be saved to file for anyone that misses it and please feel free to join in and ask… 2,652 more words

April sunshine, April showers

So we’ve had some particularly soggy, yucky days this April, but it hasn’t stopped the doggies having lots of fun, fun, fun! Thankfully things have improved a lot this last week and we’ve had a solid week of beautiful sunshine and it’s finally started to dry up – hurray!

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