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Nicole Skeehan: "It takes more than love."

While teaching a dog training class in 2016, Nicole Skeehan, owner of Philly Unleashed, noticed a young, black Labrador. She’s trained thousands of dogs over the past 20 years as a dog trainer, while developing training and behavioral programs for training facilities, shelters, prisons, rescues, and her own business. 1,549 more words

Sustaining Craft

National Train Your Dog Month

January is a month set aside to remind people the importance of training your dog.  In some ways I would prefer socialize, educate and help your dog assimilate into modern human life over “train”, but for ease of writing let’s just stick with train. 612 more words

Renewal isn't always about new

Hey Jamie… What’s with that weird pic of strangers, an array of sweets, and a Golden Retriever? 

Good question. 

It was a few snapshots I took last week at Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year and season of reflection and renewal) dinner. 271 more words


RPSM.Org: What it Means to Me – A Series #4

The Blogging Owl has been granted permission from Refurbished Pets of Southern Michigan to promote their new series, “What it Means to Me.”

Refurbished Pets of Southern Michigan… 1,711 more words


Eastwind German Shepherd Breed Meet

Eastwind has organised a fun filled German Shepherd breed meet – February 11th

Event details: German Shepherd Breed Meet: Cairo

You and your dog can enjoy a day full of dog-friendly activities that are both entertaining and useful to your dog. 149 more words