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I must be pack leader!

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Couldn’t have put it better myself! It’s time to move on, for the better.


Puppy Kindergarden

If you have a puppy up to 10 mo old and would like to enroll him in our Puppy Kindergarten class please call me at 573-642-3886 for class times and dates. 65 more words


Young Readers and Dogs

Relatively new to the therapy team world is training your dog to become a reading dog in libraries and schools across the United States and abroad. 357 more words

Dog Training

Experience Life From A Dog's Perspective

There are many things that we humans think are important – to have, do and be. Dogs on the other hand don’t care about this stuff. 317 more words

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Time for the V-E-T

Picture this: You’re at the vets, sitting with Rover in reception, and from inside the consult room you hear a growl, a groan, and the unmistakable thud of a veterinary surgeon being thrown across the room. 1,450 more words

Border Collie

Decluttering Life (The Dog Equipment)

Day 12 of my challenge to blog everyday for 15 days is to declutter. Decluttering one’s life can mean many things, but I think mostly it means getting rid of the extra stuff that we accumulate over time that takes up space, prevents us from enjoying the things we have AND life, and removing money from our wallets. 318 more words

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My Dog Nose More Than I Do - Naturally

I was working with Tommy on heeling the other day for our next heeling tutorial video, and he wouldn’t heel in one spot on the lawn. 198 more words

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