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House Training: Week 2

This week began with disappointment. For two days, I could not get LeeLoo to “go potty” outside. It has been hit or miss since then. 159 more words


Bouncy Bess's Mother's Day Walk

So on Mother’s Day I had this “brilliant” idea that Greg and I should take Bess 8 1/2 months old for a walk to a local park. 212 more words

British Cream Golden Retrievers

Want To Calm That Hyper Dog Down , Here Are Some Suggestions

By: Pat Miller

Boy, do I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say their dog was “hyperactive” or “ADHD” – I’d be a wealthy woman. 3,591 more words


House Training: Week 1

Strategy: Moved LeeLoo’s food to my bedroom

Evidence: LeeLoo has been eating her food while I’m getting ready for work. This gives her more time to digest and be ready to go potty outside before I leave. 143 more words


So what is the big deal about REWARDS anyway?

Well, here’s the thing. They rule the world.

Yip – we all work for reward, train for rewards, aim for rewards. Who doesn’t love a reward? 455 more words


Disaster Preparedness With Dogs

This week was Disaster Preparedness Week, so we decided to practice our emergency evacuation procedure and vlog it. Since we have 6 dogs, and they require certain things to keep them comfortable (food, equipment etc), as we humans do, I felt it necessary to be prepared in case of anything weird that might happen and we had to get out fast. 154 more words

Clicker Training


When New Year’s Eve rolled around this past year, I remember thinking, “I accomplished a lot in 2014. I got my KPA certification and I finally got the Manager of Special Events promotion I wanted at the shelter… I guess 2015 will just be a coasting year.”  Boy was I wrong. 496 more words

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