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Bronze award - 22nd May 2016

I was invited back to Abergavenny today by Tracey Prall at Canine Connections to examine a group of Bronze dogs for their GCDS Bronze award… 26 more words

Dog Training

Bronze award - May 2016

I was invited by Tracey Prall at Canine Connections to examine a group of dogs for their GCDS Bronze award over at Abergavenny last night. These are the dogs that passed – well done to everyone! 8 more words

Dog Training

In Defense of Education

The dog training industry may be among the few professions in which people with a lack of understanding and limited or no education are glorified, even given their own TV shows, while those who have chosen to become educated are held up for ridicule. 507 more words

Helping Fearful Dogs

Back Dat Azz Up!

Today was a difficult day, but don’t worry ’cause even though there’s a bit of sad and difficult, there’s also some funny. As you all know, losing Herbert (diabetic alert service dog) was one of the most devastatingly heart-breaking events of my life. 288 more words

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Open Agility Practice

Enjoy this beautiful weather by getting in some outdoor practice at my easy to reach location close to the fairgrounds in Ridgefield, WA on Thursday, May 12th and Sunday, May 15th. 38 more words


Our First "Hike" This Year Was Warm

This past Sunday, we ended up on a gravel back road, on a nice sunny day. Even though the weather was not at all hot, the sun affected all the dogs on our short hike. 680 more words

Clicker Training

Hugging Dogs

All primates have an intense need for ventral-ventral contact (hug). It is how we reassure and show love, empathy, and support. Primates are hugging machines! It feels good and it is good–for us. 417 more words

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