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The Real Reason You Should Never Hit Your Dog

Hitting a dog is a bad idea. Even one of those “Oh it didn’t hurt them,” swats is a bad idea. And here’s why. Dogs notice what things predict. 268 more words

Helping Fearful Dogs

Do Dogs Prefer Food or Praise as a Reward?

In an attempt to further understand the human-animal bond, researchers investigated whether or not dogs prefer praise or food from their owners. Surprisingly most of the dogs preferred praise or praise and food equally. 211 more words

Dog Training

Young Living Oils for Dogs?

Yes! I have been personally using Young Living Oils on myself, my children, and my dogs for several years now. I can say with confidence- they work well! 192 more words

Dog Training

Puppy Nipping Ouch!

I recently have been training a lot of puppies in the nipping stage. First of all, my arms hurt. Second of all, you are now hearing from a trainer with recent experience that is driven by empathy with this blog! 411 more words

Dog Training

That Hurt Me in My Feels.

Something unpleasant happened to me last night and it hurt my feelings. For newer readers of the FoodLady Chronicles, I occasionally joke about my neighbors across the road disliking me. 658 more words

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Phoebe Achieves Scent Work Level 3

This evening Phoebe passed her Scent Work Level 3 with Scentwork Wales.  All the searches took place outside and it was a windy evening.  There were three searches that she had to find and the time limit for each one was three minutes. 77 more words

Dog Training

Toby retires from his Pets As Therapy role

This week Toby retired from his role with Pets As Therapy.  He’s been a registered PAT dog for over eight years and in that time he’s visited nursing homes, hospitals and more recently been a Read2Dog at a local village school. 88 more words

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