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Tosa Ken Japanese Rare Dog Breeds

Image Credit: Ludivine Houdas Wikimedia Commons

Other Breed Names: Tosa Inu

Origin: Japan

Group: UKC, Guardian

Breed History: This handsome breed originated after Commodore Perry traveled to Japan in 1854. 355 more words

Dog Smart

Soft Mouth and Steady...A Hunter's Dream Dog!!!

There are two key attributes that a hunter looks for in a good dog. He wants a dog that is steady and retrieves only when sent and a dog that has a soft mouth when retrieving. 735 more words


What is CGC and Why does it matter?

In the dog world you might hear that a trainer is a CGC evaluator, that a dog passed their CGC test, and you may even see a dog with a CGC collar and/or leash, but what does this mean? 611 more words


A Good Boy

Did I ever tell you guys the story of Bertje, the dog I had when Martin and I met? I may have done, if so, just scroll past, cause I’m telling it again. 376 more words


The Science behind "Positive" training.

Positive training is a training method which is based on Positive reinforcement.

This means that, rather than punishing an animal for doing something which you do not like, or ignoring them, and instead of forcing them to do what you want them to do, you encourage them to do what you want, without force, and you reward them when they do what you want. 218 more words


Why Exercise is so Important: Mental Exercise

You’re walking your dog, and by walking I mean actually taking walks which engage your dog and encourage them to interact with their surrounds, a couple of times a day to the point where when you get home they want nothing more than to lay down and sleep. 697 more words