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Guaranteed Dog Training Programs Now In your Locality!

Whenever a dog misbehaves or fails to show etiquettes and manners, we usually end up saying that it is very stubborn and a bad dog. It is very rarely acknowledged that dogs are like kids who require to be taught and trained and it is the bad if their of guardians or parents who fail to understand that training and teaching is not just helpful for the dogs but it is also a boon for them. 360 more words

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Bronze and Silver GCDS Success

Tracey Prall at Canine Connections invited me to examine Bronze and Silver awards today for the Good Citizen Dog Scheme.  It was a glorious autumn day in the Welsh Marches and I’m delighted to say that Tina and Clifford passed their Bronze and Sally and Molly passed their Silver.  18 more words

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Dog Terminology

I was thinking today about all of the articles I have been reading lately and of how the terminology that is used has become a bit blurry when describing what a therapy, service, assistance dog or emotional support animal actually does or mean and how each are different. 1,099 more words

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Get Your Dog Trained To Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Are you a dog parent?

If yes then this is for you. Today we are going to talk about the most common yet the most difficult problems of dogs and that is behavioral issues and anxiety and how to get them fixed. 558 more words

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Street Work

Therapy dogs are taking it to the streets across the nation.

Many colleges and private institutions across our nation have added therapy dog teams to their hectic schedules during exams.  275 more words

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Eastern German Shepherd

Image Credit: Wiki

The Differences Between East and West German Shepherd Lines and The American German Shepherd Lines

You might be thinking: Is there any difference? 660 more words

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The Guaranteed Dog Behaviour Training Programs at Newcastle, Sydney and Central Coast

Parenting a dog can be really very tough job if you have someone like Pauline’s Sid or Mark’s Archie. The behavioural issues that were displayed by Sid and Archie were extremes.Mark remembers that how Archie was an out-of control dog as he used to chew kid’s shoes, dig the floor or pull the clothes of the line. 452 more words

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