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Do you need treats for dog training?

If you ask qualified dog trainers from different training disciplines whether or not to use treats when training your dog, you will likely get completely different answers. 415 more words

Dog Training

Saving the Rally Q

I sat ringside of a recent rally trial and watched the competitors. The same mistakes were made at the same exercises at all three levels. It wasn’t lack of training on the dog’s part that earned point deductions. 220 more words


First scentwork trial for Phoebe and me

Today Phoebe and me entered our first scentwork trial over at Brecon. We had three hides to find; an outside vehicle search, inside perimeter search and a container search. 19 more words

Dog Training

GCDS examining at the Forest of Dean - 26th November 2016

I’ve had a busy but enjoyable time today examining the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme over at the Forest of Dean. One Bronze, a Silver and a Gold award – well done to all those who passed, such a lovely mix of dogs. 17 more words

Dog Training

Daytime Rally Class starting this week

4 week session – Wednesday, Nov 7th – 11:30-12:30

SE 91st and Stark, Portland

Get ready to earn your titles at Rose City


Class Schedule

Paula Ratoza

No, it's not the end for e-collars.

Reponse to: The end for shock collars?

The end for shock collars?

Something puzzles me about the arguments made by shock collar advocates. On the one hand they claim the e-collar doesn’t hurt, and on the other they say it’s a last resort to prevent ‘dead dogs’ due to recall and chasing problems. 3,131 more words

Dog Training

Verbal v Body Language

When in state of heightened arousal, the instinct will override learned behavior. No matter how well a dog is trained to do something in a class situation, when stressed or highly excited, the hard drive (instinct) will always win out over the software (training). 599 more words

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