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TOY REVIEW- PetSafe Ultra Woofer for Determined Chewers

For our FIRST EVER toy review, I tried out PetSafe’s Ultra Woofer for determined chewers. As I may have mentioned before, Gracie is not huge on playing with toys. 456 more words


Dog Treats!!!

 Miles, the dachshund, LOVES these treats!! I love making them for him because I know that I am treating him with a mixture of his favorite nutritional, whole foods. 144 more words


Dog Product Review and Recipe: Fruitables Digestive Supplement and Upset Tummy Cookies

Dogs like to eat things, and sometimes those things lead to upset stomachs. From my experience, Fruitables Digestive Supplement is a great way to help alleviate those stomach issues and my recipe for Upset Tummy Cookies will do the same, as well as be a tasty treat any day of the week. 567 more words


Dog Photos


I was using treats to help me get interesting photos of the dogs.  I was giving them out one at a time.  A photo, a treat. 39 more words


#FeatureFriday - Sojos Simply Meat Treats

Happy Feature Friday! We are excited about this new product that just hit our shelves today! Sojos Simply Meat treats are raw, freeze-dried treats that your dog will love! 46 more words


#TipTuesday - Pill Pockets

Giving dogs medication orally can be difficult. Many pet parents have found that coating a pill in peanut butter or wrapping it in cheese is an easy way to trick your dog into taking their medications. 136 more words


Pup-Peroni: Local Restaurant Creates Trendy Gourmet Pizza

Hundreds lined-up outside trendy Milano’s Pizzeria last night for their first taste of Pup-Peroni gourmet pizza. Admittedly, I spat-out my first bite. I couldn’t stomach the bland and rubbery taste. 551 more words