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Something to Say..

I always have something to say or at least that’s what my fiancee said to me this morning before he left for the office. His actual words were ” I need to stop off at the hardware store after work” and when I asked why, he replied “to pick up some bolts to shut that trap of yours”. 690 more words

Treat Your Dog to an Excellent Home Meal

Forget the canned food which may be tainted with chemicals and who knows what else. These days it is all about making food at home with the best ingredients so that you will be able to know that the animals are getting the best nourishment. 710 more words

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Songs About Schlongs

And An Ode to Birth Control

I find myself in a weird Catch-22 this week. To be honest, I’m only 80% sure I’m using that term correctly, since I could never bring myself to finish the book. 1,345 more words

What Is Better For Your Pets?

If you are a pet owner, whenever you have to go out of town on a business meeting, a vacation or a wedding, your biggest concern will always be where to leave your cat or dog in your absence. 371 more words

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Why Do Cats Urinate in the House?

I have been asked this question on more than one occasion as to why are my cats are urinating in the house.  I decided to look for an article on “Why do cats urinate in the house instead of in their cat box?”  Is it separation anxiety or are they having a health issue?  688 more words

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After being lost in the wilderness, dog walker and her charges are saved.

Annette Poitras had a happy hospital bed reunion Friday afternoon with two of the dogs that were at her side while she was stranded in the wilderness this weekend.

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Dogs help woman survive the Canadian wild

Dog walker Annette Poitras was rescued this week after falling during a hike in the BC wilderness.

The Canadian dog walker could not have survived over two days in the wilderness without the help of her border collie, a boxer and a puggle. 31 more words