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New wheels give Westmount dog second chance at life

Jett is an 11-year-old miniature schnauzer and like a lot of terriers, he’s stubborn.

“He doesn’t like to be manhandled much,” said owner Claude David. “He likes to do things his own way.”

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Eddies Wheels

Geoff’s been rocking his Handicappedpets cart for quite few years now. He’s had many adventures in his little blue wheels, so much so, if the cops pull him over they’d defect the worn tread on his rubber tires. 92 more words

Beach Bother - Coming Soon

A few years ago we started work on the Geoff and his Two Dads project. Our goal was to produce a children’s interactive book series inspired by the real life adventures of our very own Geoffy! 149 more words

Geoff And His Two Dads