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Have pup, must walk!

When I first adopted Jazzmin four years ago, all I knew was that I wanted a dog. I figured a dog would be good company when I didn’t have my daughters and a dog would motivate me to walk more regularly. 580 more words


The Art of Walking…Your Dog

First, let me congratulate you if you are a conscientious dog owner that understands the health benefits of walking your dog on a routine daily basis. 558 more words


Have You Found Your “Calling”?

As some of you may know I live very close to a lake, which has incredible grounds, where you’ll frequently find dog walkers, picnickers, and joggers. 220 more words


Kabler Training is Healing for Daisy

When I first met Miniature Schnauzer Daisy she was a frightened and severely anxious dog. She would bark at common noises in the home with intense excitability to the point of nipping. 602 more words

Asheville Dog Trainer

Question for dog owners . . .

When my beloved rescue dog, Lucy and dachshund Puppy used to go for walks with me, Lucy was the one who was interested in smelling.  She would stop at any mailbox, cable box,  fire hydrant, or light post as well as walls, rocks, or just gravel in general and carefully sniff for who knows what. 137 more words

The Street Dog Whisperer

This is a tribute to all the street dogs I have met through my journeys through South America. To all those wild, tough, brave survivors… 588 more words