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Cesar Millan: Some Like It ‘Ruff’

by Kristie Ng

Review: Cesar Millan LIVE- Love Your Dogs Tour 2015

They christen him the Dog Whisperer, call him the ‘chosen’ one, chase after him begging, him to cure their misbehaving 4-limbed children through iPhones with their dogs yapping on the other line. 544 more words



Some wise words from Dog Whisperer:

Some people would say dog are loyal just because they depend on us for food and shelter, so they have to be nice to us.

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English Word

Fundamentals of Dog Psychology

Hi everyone!  It’s Lester again and back to give you some dog psychology knowledge.  So, shortly after adopting my dog, Nala.  A friend decided to gift me the Dog Whisperer series.   732 more words

My Neighbor's Dog From Hell...!

This dog is a hell-spawned creature that barks all night every time his irresponsible and inconsiderate demon-master is out for a binge of bar hopping. 44 more words

In The City


Even the best laid plans…often go awry. But when it’s because of a fierce fever, only one thing matters: getting better!

Poor Cee – she woke up feeling less than 100% Friday morning, and by this afternoon, she had a nice little fever brewing. 108 more words


Black – The Alpha Dog

As many of you know, I have recently been an avid fan of the Dog Whisperer in an effort to train my own fluffy critter. This process has been less than satisfactory – he is still a jumpy, excitable mess that thinks all other dogs are foes to be vanquished! 1,057 more words