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Day 342: And then there was shit everywhere

I knew in my gut it was going to happen…eventually.  But I wasn’t expecting that day to be today.  Although, as I think about it now, I guess you never think… 795 more words


New YouTube Video! "The Rabbit Whisperer"

Hey now hey now!

So I am experimenting with different styles of YouTube videos… I started with a talk show, but quickly realized that I didn’t have the time/money/resources to make a good (consistently funny) talk show.   81 more words

LA native Alison Bitney suing 'Dog Whisperer' over pit bull attack

TMZ: Cesar Millan is being sued for allowing an unsuspecting dog owner to adopt a vicious pit bull that tore into a guest.

Alison Bitney — yes it’s ironic — claims she was at a friend’s house minding her own business when Gus the pit bull went nuts, biting her arm which caused permanent numbness in her hand…



A Dog's Lesson in Referral Relationships

In every relationship, I believe there tends to be a leader and a follower to some degree.  In the human/dog relationship, all you have to do is watch an episode of… 233 more words


What do you think about "Cesar's Way"?

I just finished reading Cesar Millan’s book, Cesar’s Way. The book was a little redundant, but to his credit even though you read about the same topic over and over, you still feel compelled to continue reading. 564 more words

Dog Health And Wellbeing

My Homemade Dog Treats

As this blog likes to promote, we experiment with food and drinks to see what we can create. We make it easy, and sensible for everyone right? 495 more words

Cooking 101