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Best Friends

Hey pals! How’s everyone doing? Currently, my owners are both swamped with homework and stu(dying;) for finals. That means I have to entertain myself. That means trouble. 236 more words

Seems Like There Aren't Very Many Shows About Dogs With Blogs These Days

Is it me, or are there not that many shows about dogs with blogs these days? Am I just missing them? That’s certainly a possibility. According to FX’s research department, there were over 400 scripted shows in 2015. 376 more words


The Force is Strong Chewie-May

First let me start off by saying  May the 4th Be with You from Chewie & her Wookiee squad. Being the 4th & feeling the force has been strong in our family lately I wanted to share an update on how Chewie-May is doing after her adoption. 862 more words


Kayla Maisonet Gets Ready For A Day On Set Of "Stuck In The Middle" (@KayMais)

Kayla Maisonet recently posted a picture of herself getting ready to film “Stuck in the Middle.” With this photo she tweeted “Transforming into #georgiediaz #StuckInTheMiddle.” 8 more words

Introduce Yourself! (Network Here)

Today I write the 200th post on Hypervigilant.org…sort of  a milestone.

I wouldn’t be here without YOU. This post is dedicated to you, my amazing friends around the world.  99 more words


Henry...the dog with a blog

Apparently the writing bug has bitten Henry (he swears it’s not fleas) and he requested that I create this subsite for him to make entries. So here it is…a place for my dog’s blog. 27 more words

Dog With A Blog


Tragedy has struck the Zimmerman household tonight. Something so awful, so underhanded, so vile…I can hardly write the words…tonight…was bath night.

Mommy promised me dinner then a treat and did I believe her? 535 more words

Dog With A Blog