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Growing Yorkie

They grow up so fast!

This was back in October

Puppy Love

Too tired

This is me trying to get a drink of water but I was too tired so I fell asleep in the process.

New Bed!

My owners bought me a new bed because the other dog doesn’t like it when I use hers. So they bought me my own. I love it it’s so comfy and warm!

Happy Halloween!

Happy halloween everyone! For my first halloween my owners dressed me up as a pumpkin.


Most dogs whine when they want food, not me I stand up on my hind legs and stare at them tell they give me something. They always give me food and it’s always so yummy but I love and will eat practically anything.

Squirrel Friend

This is my squirrel stuffed animal toy! Its one of my favorite toys to play with even though it doesn’t have a squeaker it’s still my favorite.

Fun Facts about Finn

  1. Finnigan has three brothers!
  2. He hates wearing clothes, as much as we try to put him in cute little sweaters.
  3. His favourite toy is his stuffed hedgehog, which he generally carries with him around the house.
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