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Puppy trauma

22.3.17 A friend told me today that they were taking the plunge and getting a puppy.  I was shocked and deduced she hadn’t really been listening to everything I’d told her about looking after Lola and had simply seen her fluffy loveliness and thought what a wonderful thing a puppy was.  532 more words


It’s about time this blog gets some beautiful pictures of my girl, introducing you all to my best friend Gidget :)


The significance of stuff

We were all worried. Tommy was supposed to be in the airfreight box, but once it had been unpacked, there was no sign of him. We feared the worst: a pedantic customs official had clocked him as a bedraggled, slobber-covered dog’s toy and tossed him in the “To be destroyed” pile. 581 more words


Mellica Charm

Mellica, the beloved gentle giant, passed away this winter. He was truly a member of the family and will be missed in his Northern home by the lake. 73 more words



when i walk the dog at night
i wish it was that easy to stand
lock-kneed in pavement center
meeting the headlight’s blinding stare.


I'm learning to play the ukulele and apparently it's the cruelest thing I've ever done to my dog...

So I’ve been trying to learn how to play the guitar, and like all my past declarations of becoming amazing at something that I’ve just started to learn, I’ve completely given up on it when I hadn’t mastered it after the first class. 90 more words


Out of the City

Some weekend days, Kyle and I wake up and, before we have the chance to think about the errands and chores we should be doing, decide we’re getting out of the city for the day. 654 more words