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Marriage Counselling: DDog Style

I became clear to me today that myself and Alfred have a few issues that maybe we should work out.

For this I obviously enlisted the prestigious advice of the wonderful counsellor that is ‘The Internet’. 370 more words


10K: Widow Mainline

Just in a hurry, don’t have time to write about the hike. It was a bit harder today. Longer distance, low morale. (Extremely slight) injury. Cold. 276 more words



FULL STORY=> http://upthredd.com/links/6993887/33382/1 Just had to post this one, what do you think? #goldenretriever #goldenretrievers #ilovemygolden #goldenpupAddict http://bit.ly/GoldenGUIDE


I have said my fair share of goodbyes…some have been easier than others.  Some have been more permanent than others.  But in every case they have been tough but they grow me as a person. 481 more words

O Λουκάς περιμένει υπομονετικά εδώ και 2 ΧΡΟΝΙΑ να υιοθετηθεί..

O Λουκάς μας πετάχτηκε από διερχόμενο όχημα στην Εθνική Οδό για να σκοτωθεί από αυτοκίνητα, κι έμεινε μόνος να τρέχει πανικόβλητος στο διάζωμα! Για καλή του τύχη τον έσωσαν φιλόζωοι εθελοντές με τη βοήθεια της Αστυνομίας! 22 more words


The Importance of Microchipping

Today has been.. well a bit stressful, a bit of a shock. We were on our way out in the car driving past an industrial site just outside of the city centre, next to one of the football grounds when I spotted what I thought was a cat but soon realise is a King Charles Spaniel. 334 more words