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DOG+YOGA= DOGA! New Math!New Path!

Yoga is one of the best things you can do for your body and your mind. It’s been proven to have numerous health benefits received through it’s breathing exercises, meditation practices, strength exercises and stretching components. 655 more words


End of an Era

An era ended this week.

My 18-year-old doglet made her final journey to the vet, and drifted out of this lifetime in the arms of my sister. 476 more words


Try This: Dog Parkour!

Are you sick of doing the same boring walks with your dog every day? Do you want to find a fun new way to bond with your dog, stimulate his mind, and exercise his muscles at the same time? 518 more words

Stella’s Last Weekend (2018) ☆☆☆(3/4): Two Brothers and a Girl

“Stella’s Last Weekend” is a modest but enjoyable mix between family comedy and romance drama. While sometimes predictable and contrived, the movie is funny and engaging mainly thanks to the unaffected chemistry among its main cast members, and I had a fairly good time with it even though I was occasionally distracted by its several weak aspects during my viewing. 889 more words


Stoic Dog Won't Budge

Dog looks at me: stoic

Will not budge from spot

She stares at me

As I tug leash

To get her to move

For it is too cold outside

Current Poetry

Puppy turn into dog

Joyful giver :will rise  will shine will excel  will testify will succeed  will be favour will be blessed will be anointed… 36 more words

Yelling Into The Darkness

Music Lover

My incredibly spoilt doggy, Princess Bella Abigail, is somewhat of a music lover, and whenever my son plays one of his guitars, she is never far away. 9 more words