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2:35 AM Monday nov 20 2017

I keep thinking your there.
You’re never there.


Tucker makes a new friend

Tucker lost one of his special play friends a few days ago when Baxter got adopted. Tucker was one of the few dogs that wasn’t overwhelmed by Baxter’s energy and rambunctious play style. 57 more words


Monday Mischief: Chuck's Special Treat

Once a week, Louise and Sofie go for a play date with Sonya and her pack for a few hours. That leaves me home with her and the silly cats. 68 more words



I finally got the time to give Myles a quick grooming. He ended up mostly bald. I didn’t (and won’t) have the time for a fussy job. 23 more words


Story About Minnie

Oh my God, I have been keeping this draft for 4 years! So, I have prepared to tell Minnie story since we had her for 1 year. 680 more words


A Lengthy Update: Good and Bad

Alright, let’s get the bad stuff out of the way so we can enjoy the good stuff!

I got in an accident today leaving my complex to go visit my family further north, I did not even make it a block away from the apartment. 328 more words


Make Your Place Pretty, Stop the Shedding

As the family is coming into town on Thanksgiving, an important step to looking like you have your life together is to prevent your home from looking like a zoo. 355 more words