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Checking Out Other Converted Buses

I’ve been on Instagram (yes, even puppies can do that!) and I’ve been checking out lots of different bus conversion. A lot of them are American school buses (aka Skoolies) but the idea is the same. 112 more words

Bus Life

Whiny Dog

Whiny Dog has been at it again. For lack of a better name – I had to christen him with one which may really not be too flattering but it personifies him! 240 more words

dog park day

Yesterday’s Phenology: Okay. Winter is here. Officially. Temp got up to maybe 19 or so yesterday. Perhaps a moment of sun in the morning, and then back to the comfort of the gray clouds, like a nice flannel sheet covering us all. 138 more words


He is running, running, running

He is running, running, running. And it’s like no kind of running he’s ever run before. He’s the surge that burst the dam and he’s pouring down the hillslope, channelling through the grass to the width of his widest part. 286 more words