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DogDaz Zoo: Decisions Decisions

┬áSome dogs (Sofie) don’t waste any time when given the opportunity to select a bone. Other dogs (Louise) take their time to pick just the right one. 37 more words


Monday Mischief: Bloody Boo To You

Mom has started her Halloween decorating. She is debating whether she needs to buy more skeleton dogs because there are 3 of us. What do you think? 91 more words


Black and White Sunday: The Goblins Are Coming, The Goblins Are Coming

The weather in the Mid-Atlantic was like summer, until this week. Finally, some rain and the temperatures are normalizing. Mommy got a jump on her Halloween decorations in the warm weeks. 120 more words


Caturday: {{{Yawn}}}

Mini Cooper just cracks me up.

I cannot imagine a life without cats!

Just another CATDogDaz morning at the zoo <3


Monday Mischief: Pennywise & Clownfoolish

Hello┬áBlog Friends – We found some very interesting things on our walk today that I want to tell you about.

We found a red balloon, which we learned means that there are clowns in the storm drains. 187 more words


Black and White Sunday: Running Free

Other than our own fenced yard, there are not many places that we can run off leash. There are always so many people around and other dogs that Mom is afraid that we, or she, will get into trouble. 242 more words


Caturday: Noel as Speedy

Peanut loves to change Noel into different things on her ‘Snapchat’ app. Here is Noel being Speedy, the Cheeky house bunny. Go visit Speedy and you will see she looks just like him today. 15 more words