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Caturday: The ManCAT of the House


My boy Nine is the only man left in the pride and he loves it.  Preens himself like any king would.  He is the sweetest and loves to head butt and drool on you.   88 more words


DogDaz Zoo: Scary Movie

 Source: la-pastie-de-la-bourgeoisie

“Dad, could you turn off that scary movie, please!”


DogDaz Zoo: Very Interesting Question



“Hummm, that is a very interesting question.”


Monday Mischief: Mexican Standoff

Nine is not going to give up the tunnel to that pesty Mini Cooper.  No way.  It is his tunnel and he is not budging. This is what is called a ‘Mexican standoff.’  When neither side will give up its position to the other. 31 more words