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Wordless Wednesday: Squash Jokes

Squash E Bear (went over the bridge in 2010) would crack himself up.  He would laugh and laugh while rolling on his back.

  I wonder what the punch line was? 44 more words


DogDaz Zoo: Boop!

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“It was just a kiss on the nose” – Meow Out Loud – DogDaz


DogDaz Zoo: How To Spot Bloat

Source: thecutestofthecutealldogownersshouldknow:

Symptoms of bloat include:

  • hard, swollen abdomen that may make a hollow sound if tapped
  • retching that produces no vomit OR produces foamy, white vomit…
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Caturday: Ahhhhh! For the Weekend

Mini Cooper in Noel’s kitchen window.  It is a sleepy pollen filled day.  Everything is blooming.  Cats seem to be doing Ok with sharing open window sills.  60 more words