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Monday Mischief: I Spy A Cricket

My grandcat, Cricket, under the coffee table, soulfully eyeing dinner. K8 got just the right angel. And M made a beautiful cheeseburger for them. Sorry Cricket, this is the human’s dinner, you will have to wait for your crunchies. 36 more words


DogDaz Zoo: Meet the SilverPaws

Just another day in the life of thesilverpaws. Looking at them makes me so happy. :)




Black and White Sunday: Missing Squash

Hope you’re having a nice day in the big meadow over the rainbow bridge, Squash E Bear.

Mommy misses you a lot.

Hug your furry today! 27 more words


Caturday: ManCat vs Rug

Nine loves to hide under the scatter rug.  Every time I come into the room I find the rug somewhere else.

I can not imagine a life without cats! 8 more words