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Black and White Sunday: 100 Degree Nap

Louise didn’t look much different in summer 2013 than she does today – taking her usual 100 degree nap on the deck.

Too hot to move much. 30 more words


Caturday: Yup! She Gets Me

I know Mom speaks Cat because she clearly understands what I say. Mostly I talk about food – wanting it now, wanting more, wanting a snack… Sometimes I want her to scratch my head or my back. 74 more words


Monday Mischief: I Dare You

Approach Mommy’s office if you dare, you silly cats.

I have built a wall of my toys and I will defend them to the death. 55 more words


Caturday: Special Delivery

If It’s a box – then I sits!

I cannot imagine a life without cats!

Just another CATDogDaz morning at the zoo <3


Black and White Sunday: Touch-Me-Not

Sofie has very little patience in this terrible heat (105F degrees (41C) again today). I really cannot blame her, but I thought it would be cute to match her impatience with the impatiens plants. 61 more words


Caturday: Keeping Cool

It is 105 F degrees today (41 C).

Nine doesn’t understand that he would hate it outside.

So, he is giving me that look.

You know the one. 56 more words


Black and White Sunday: Reap What You Sow

Sofie is getting ready to help with the raspberry harvest. They came about a week early this year, I guess because of the weather being so mild. 83 more words