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Morals And Dogma Of The Scottish Rite Of Freemasonry MOBI

The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction in the United States often omits the and, while the English Constitution in This is Albert Pikes’ 861 page volume of’lectures’ on the esoteric roots of Freemasonry, specifically the 32-degree Scottish Rite. 371 more words


History Of Dogma, Volume 2 (Of 7) FB2

History of Dogma, Volume 2 (of 7) on Amazon. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. History of Dogma, Volume 2 (of 7) is presented here in a high History of Dogma (7 vols.) By Adolf von Harnack / 2 publishers Roberts Brothers Little, Brown, and History of Dogma, vol. 294 more words


Bully Hunters, Zombie Unicorn, and Feminist Televangelism

Remember way back, when Anita Sarkeesian did her bit Kickstarter campaign for her Tropes vs Women in Video Games series?  1001 people made videos ripping her to pieces.  1,182 more words


Arkansas Christian College President Pleads Guilty To Fraud Charges

US News

“The president of a Christian college in Springdale pleaded guilty to a fraud charge Wednesday, admitting he took part in what prosecutors called a kickback scheme involving his school. 328 more words



Every birthday since I grew facial hair has been a constant source of disappointment. I am constantly pelted with the need to be the best version of myself. 476 more words


Food by the Season

In 1790, only five percent of Americans lived in cities. That number is now fifteen-fold at 76% urbanization. Because we have left our agrarian society behind, many Americans have become out of touch with Mother Nature. 269 more words


G. de Purucker's Introduction to the Esoteric Tradition: The Word “Dogma”

G. de Purucker in his introduction of the Esoteric Tradition (1940) explains the meaning of theosophy being non-dogmatic. It demonstrates, that the modern theosophists rejected belief… 595 more words