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FAITH Matters - repost

This post originally appeared on this blog in January 2007


Faith Matters

FAITH is that set of values, and ultimate questions, by which we lead our lives. 398 more words


Early in the Morning

The phone rang at 3:01 am.

Not that the ringtone emanating from my mobile phone of the ringing telephone from the television show ’24’ woke me – I was up at 1:44 am because of a weird dream and couldn’t fall back to sleep. 473 more words

Buddy Christ

Under the shadow of irony

After the glow of descent

In the due of solitude

of a rusty nook

a desire found its spring

followed a trail adrift

until it sprouted wings… 585 more words


Are we stuck in days of routine?

Do we not see how brightly the grass is colored green?

Can you take a second to watch the trees sway, if you become mesmerized. 218 more words


My Review of Cat Soup!

It’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times. It’s a tale of two kitties, and i’m not talking about that abysmal Garfield sequel. Nyako and Nyatta are two sibling kittens living in a quaint little house with their parents, a doting homemaker mommy cat and a lazy, slovenly daddy cat. 2,890 more words


Follow your heart...(<1 min read)

One should always trust their instincts and listen to their heart. Stop proving yourself to the world and focus on being content with yourself. I always like to follow my instincts instead of suggestions made by others as I believe this is the best way to learn and grow. 179 more words

Science is full of dogmas

Science is dogma, just like religion. Many scientific beliefs are dogmatic. Science and religion are actually two sides of the same coin. Some people think that science is realistic, but in reality, it is very abstract.

D.P. 6.2.2017.