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What is the use of new Spiritual movements?

How often we hear it said today: ‘What is the use of new Spiritual movements? We have our old traditions which have been preserved through the ages as far back as history records; do not let us spoil those traditions by what these people say who always think they know best!’ That is an egotistical expression of the human soul. 177 more words


On Beliefs & Those Who Deny Having Them

People who make absolute claims about belief, and then claim to be above it, are suffering just as equally from unrecognized self-delusion as their rhetorical targets. 923 more words


Tradizione e Rivelazione

La Tradizione, metafisicamente, non può esser che una. Ma quando avviene il passaggio dal mondo iperuranio a quello attuale, anche questa perfetta Entità subisce la rifrazione nelle coppie degli opposti. 212 more words

Centro Studi

Did Anyone Ask God?

Some religious people make all kinds of claims about God and what He endorses:  a certain cultural value or political view, a specific theology, and, increasingly frequently, a dismissive conclusion about people who don’t comply with those views. 838 more words

Chinese Officials Pay Poor to Swap Religious Images for Portraits of Xi

During the 1966-76 Cultural Revolution, religious intolerance and Mao’s dogma prevailed. Young people were encouraged to criticize their elders, including parents and teachers. People accused of spying for foreign powers were detained and beaten to obtain confessions. 327 more words

A Reflection on Purgatory

“St. Antonine relates that the choice was given to a sick man by his guardian angel either to suffer three days in Purgatory or to remain two years longer on his sickbed. 726 more words


Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom: Lars Iyer Interviewed

Originally published by the Quietus.

‘Literature is a corpse and cold at that.’ Lars Iyer says in his ‘literary manifesto after the end of literature and manifestos’, a title which perfectly captures the spirit of his work — a playfulness around and downright contempt for topics often considered to be the most serious of all. 2,532 more words