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Milk. Cows. Soul. Body. Worms.

Daily infusions with a chemical commonly associated with feelings of happiness were shown to increase calcium levels in the blood of Holstein cows and the milk of Jersey cows that had just given birth. 116 more words

Dogmatic Articles List: Dogmatism in science, modern thought and media Exposed! [D.A.L.]

The battle against dogmatism

Harmonia Philosophica has for a long time now fought the battle against dogmatism. And as we all know, dogmatism is now bred inside the realms of science, which serves as the new religion of our ages. 2,898 more words

No! Science has not "proved" that consciousness is generated by the brain.

A simple and yet elusive truth:

Science has not proved that consciousness is generated by the brain!

And yet. So many people believe that something like this is proved. 496 more words

Decline in religion, decline in morality.

Religious decline does not equal moral decline, says researcher. [1]

How original.

Stupid prejudiced science reaches to stupid prejudiced conclusions.

We must be careful to compare things with the same standards. 84 more words

Why does life exist? A very scientific (and theological) response…

Why does life exist?

Popular hypotheses credit a primordial soup, a bolt of lightning, and a colossal stroke of luck. But if a provocative new theory is correct, the evolution of life could follow from the fundamental laws of nature and “should be as unsurprising as rocks rolling downhill”. 235 more words