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My Dog

I am not a gamer. I have been playing one game since it came out, and any questions about any other games are where I tap out immediately. 672 more words

Spicy food for breakfast or Dog Meat for dinner? - Pick your menu in Korea

Hello everyone,

This week’s post is about Korea.

First, what do you know about Korea?

You probably have heard stories that they eat very spicy foods, live octopus, dog meat, etc. 752 more words


South Korea's dog meat trade

CNN calls South Korea’s dog meat trade “brutal”

…Yes, but what is the difference between South Korean dogs and “our food animals”?


In the CNN article, which talks about South Korea’s legal dog meat trade, you could replace the word “dog” with “cow”, “pig”, “chicken”, etc, and similarly discuss Australian animals. 159 more words


Day 1

When I finally escaped the Vault, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was like walking into hell, then I saw that my house was still standing. 322 more words

Inside The Journal

(4) Call to Arms

“What the fuck?”

What a lovely way to start the morning, my groggy brain supplied.

“What the hell is a dog doing here?”

Commotion by the front entrance… … 7,461 more words



Hello and welcome to my First post on the Skyrim and Fallout page and It’s gotta be on one of the best things to do with Fallout (well in my eyes) is Dogmeat! 311 more words


Who run Junktown? Fallout Chapter 6

Last time around, we watched as Athena tried to be the big hero, succeeded in saving two people, but lost her best ever friend in the process. 2,311 more words

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