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The first hour of Fallout 4.


Or the first hour and a bit because I was so excited when I loaded up this piece of post apocalypse bliss I forgot to check the time… 827 more words

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Consumption of dog meat in Nagaland and the censure surrounding it

There’s  a lot of hullaballoo about consumption of dog meat and the merciless killing of dogs. In Nagaland, dog meat is an integral part of many a tribe’s diets and a very famed delicacy. 354 more words

Hey, Bethesda! How about "Customizable Survival Mode"?

Hey, Bethesda! How about “Customizable Survival Mode?”

I admit it—I’ve been slipping away from my writing to get a little Fallout 4 time in, especially now since Survival Mode has arrived. 2,149 more words


Why Fallout 4 isn’t as good as you think

When E4 announced it’s lineup for 2016, it was Fallout 4 that undeniably stole the show. Its Pipboy pre-orders sold out in hours, with waves of them having to be announced just to keep up with demand It was a triumphant return to for Bethesda, who faced a seven-year gap between this and their last outing in the Fallout franchise. 594 more words


210 years later...

Marilyn, her family, and the other survivors are given some sweet blue jumpsuits and then herded into rooms holding what the Vault-Tec personnel call “decontamination pods.” If there’s one thing that… 813 more words


Dress to Impress

I was beginning to doubt the necessity of my power armor in the hospital. I had managed to creep on the positions of every raider and turret, even inside several hundred pounds of steel plating. 480 more words


Dogs You Don't Know

“Hey, what are you up to out here all on your lonesome, huh?”

He crouches down, closer to the dirt and the dust and waits. There’s dirt under his fingernails, and his boots started off an ochre colour and now they’re black. 218 more words