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Fallout 4 to receive some polish for PS4 and PC

Fallout 4 developer Bethesda have announced that the game will receive a graphical upgrade next week. Xbox users will have to make do with what they have though, as this only applies to… 124 more words

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Raised for meat in South Korea, dogs head for new homes in U.S

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

WONJU, South Korea: “You’re OK, you’re OK,” Lola Webber, a campaign manager with the Humane Society International (HSI), whispers to a lab-mix puppy, cradling her in a jacket as dozens of dogs bark in nearby cages. 357 more words

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Fallout POP!

Fallout Pop! Collection List

Find the pop you’re missing in your collection, click the link, and it’s yours.

#1 Deathclaw

#2 Feral Ghoul

#3 Lone Wanderer… 72 more words

Fall into Fallout 3

At first glance, the Fallout games seem like any other first-person shooter: get your weapon, build your XP, kill stuff, don’t die. And yes, that is a great majority of the game, however there is much more to Fallout than meets the eye. 1,123 more words

The first hour of Fallout 4.


Or the first hour and a bit because I was so excited when I loaded up this piece of post apocalypse bliss I forgot to check the time… 827 more words

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Consumption of dog meat in Nagaland and the censure surrounding it

There’s  a lot of hullaballoo about consumption of dog meat and the merciless killing of dogs. In Nagaland, dog meat is an integral part of many a tribe’s diets and a very famed delicacy. 354 more words

Hey, Bethesda! How about "Customizable Survival Mode"?

Hey, Bethesda! How about “Customizable Survival Mode?”

I admit it—I’ve been slipping away from my writing to get a little Fallout 4 time in, especially now since Survival Mode has arrived. 2,149 more words