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Snoop Dogg- Arrested For Driving While Black In Sweden..


Snoop Dogg was arrested in Sweden and he thinks his offense was DWB .. Driving While Black.

Snoop says he was snatched out of his car Saturday and it was a clear case of racial profiling. 54 more words

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New Uniforms for Cleveland Browns give 2000's DIII College Feel

This is a departure from my typical article. Usually I do my research and report on a case based on evidence and facts. Here, I’m completely throwing objectivity out the window as I present my opinion on the new Cleveland Browns uniforms. 1,115 more words


PeTA Guide to Animal Rights

It’s not the easiest Guide Book to read. I’ll have to admit that i had cringed while reading details of a random page about how pounds from different countries treat impounded stray dogs. 202 more words

Tate ready to flourish in Cleveland

After three seasons of playing backup in Houston, Ben Tate is ready to emerge out of the shadow of Arian Foster. Tate recently signed a two-year $7 million deal with the… 430 more words



Whoever invented school .. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. I do not think that we should have to go up to year 12. WHY DID THEY BRING ALL THESE LETTERS INTO MATHS . 31 more words


When oodlesodoodles came and visited NYC (and by proxy, me), she came up with this great Dogpound/Bradford doodle, and then commissioned me to make some more komainu/shishi Bradford. 59 more words

TMNT (2012): "Baxter's Gambit"

Random thoughts edition.  And yes, I am still working on my next Gargoyles piece.

  • While I’m not totally against the idea of the turtles teaming up with not!Bebop and Rocksteady, I think the episode could have dialed up the anviliciousness a notch or ten.
  • 384 more words
TMNT (2012)