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What to Do Before You Pet the Dog, or Basic Guidelines for Children and Dogs in Urban Areas

“Look mom–a puppy and a wolf!” screamed the child by the swings!

Poor Reba. Reba was our lovely and sweet German Shepherd with the grizzled face, but every child seemed to want to pet the puppy, that being Muddy who was just a whisker younger than Reba, first. 603 more words


Two independent studies show the benefit of dog ownership for children

A study conducted by Darlene Kertes and her colleagues from the University of Florida documented how a pet dog helped children cope with stress. To test this the researchers had children perform stressful things, such as giving a report, or doing a math problem. 256 more words


My Fur Baby

Myself and my husband had wanted a dog for ages but everyone told us we were crazy – it was a huge commitment and expensive – to be fair they were very true and for a while we weren’t in a position to have one but there came a point when we knew it was right – we weren’t so fussed about going out partying anymore and the prospect of doggie cuddles and walks were far more appealing! 527 more words


Preparing Anxious Dogs for Christmas

The upcoming holiday season can pose many problems for caregivers of anxious dogs.

At this time of the year anxious pets may have deal with an increased exposure to their triggers, without being probably prepared to handle them. 534 more words

How to prepare your dogs for a baby

Bringing a new baby into the world is a major event, not only in the life of the parents and family, but in your pets’ world too. 837 more words


Heart-warming photos capture the special bond between infants and their dogs

Dogs might be known as man’s best friend but these pictures show they also share a very special bond with babies.

The touching images, taken by photographers around the world and shared in an online… 79 more words


Labels Are Only For Peanut Butter

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. It is time that I said it. I am the most handsome dog in the world. Yes, I know that I have said it before. 760 more words