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I Really AM Your Best Friend!

By: Lily

Well, it’s about time! Science has FINALLY proven what dog lovers like you–and lap lovers like ME–have known all along: Dogs are highly attuned to human emotions, thanks to thousands of years of evolution of dogs’ coexistence with humans.  69 more words


Study Finds Dogs in Workplace Lower Stress

By: Lily

For all of us dogs that hate being left behind when our humans go to work each day—great news is coming out of the Virginia Commonwealth University! 284 more words


Stop Your Dog's Barking in the Yard

Does your dog bark uncontrollably while in your yard? Does he feel the need to warn off every squirrel or bird in your trees…and innocent passing schoolchildren…and falling leaves? 115 more words

Bark Busters

Denver News Anchor Dog Bite Incident

By: Liam Crowe

Many people across the United States are now aware of the recent unfortunate incident involving a Denver morning television anchor, Kyle Dyer, who was bitten in the face by an 85-pound Argentine Mastiff during a live broadcast, resulting in 70 stitches to her lips and nose. 379 more words

Dog Safety Tips

Puppy Bowl 2012 Preview

By: Beau

As all you sports-lovers out there (and just about everyone else) know, we’re less than a week away from the BIGGEST game of the year! 428 more words

Dogs And Training In The Media

Super Bowl VW Commercial - Dogs Gone to the Bark Side

Check out this teaser for a 2012 Super Bowl ad from Volkswagen…

Remember: If you think your dog is headed toward the Dark Side (or the Bark Side), your Jedi dog trainer is only a… 25 more words


Beer for Dogs

By: Lily

Cheers, mates! “Boozehound” now has a new (and very literal) meaning, as a pub in England has started offering Dog Beer—a tasty blend of malt, hops and meat extract—for its many four-legged patrons. 150 more words

Dogs And Training In The Media