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..when doggies do good, treat them! But moderate the treats because you don’t want spoiled dogs. These dogs get raw meat mixed with their kibble because they aren’t pooping in the house. 57 more words

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Dusty's "Habitat"

Isaiah has been watching Wild Kratts and learned about animals’ habitats. He knows that Dusty loves having blankets to sleep on (he will drag them off the back of the couch or a bed, if there are none on the floor), so he laid out a bunch of blankets and a doll pillow and announced that they were Dusty’s habitat. 12 more words

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Dusty knew there was excitement upstairs and was a little unhappy that I wasn’t letting him go up and join in. He sat at the door, giving me sad looks for quite a while. 11 more words

Project 365

24 Jan 2015 My bright Spot in the sun and all is not lost when something breaks

Whew!  Finally a still moment.  I’ve been scrambling about this morning.  I looked into the freezer and realized I needed to bake more bread, got the chocolate pudding dessert done, breakfast cooked, nice walk with Kyle and Spot, last minute touch-up cleaning and in a bit going to make chili to put in the crockpot.  227 more words

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