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Bringing down the Blackfaces

Our Hampshire ewes and their lambs spend the summer on private land, the Johnson Place, in the middle of the Routt National Forest. In late September, we trail them back to the Home Ranch, so they can hang out with the guys for a few weeks. 34 more words



It has been quite a while – too long – since I posted regularly on the blog. Through a set of unusual circumstances my attention has necessarily been directed elsewhere. 98 more words


Instinct Is Still Intact

Our dog, Zip, has been full of challenges.   Most of them come from his previous life as a puppy companion to an older woman.   He ended up in the shelter when the woman could no longer stay in her home and family could not keep her dear pets. 404 more words

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Sorting the buck lambs

Much of our lives revolves around reproduction…sometimes encouraging it, sometime avoiding it, but always managing it. Sheep reach sexual maturity at a relatively young age, so in July we must remove the buck lambs, born in March, from their mothers and the ewe herd. 189 more words


Holiday Weekend - No Plans

RangerSir’s occupation means that he works the all the summer holidays, because on the holidays  it is all hands on deck and everyone is out in the field with the increased visitors.  170 more words

Odds & Ends