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Talking Pets

Any time I leave the house (or go to a part of the house where they can’t follow) for more than about five minutes, both Thomas and Dusty are waiting when I get home. 54 more words




His story is an inspiration to us all.



Actual conversation with my dog:

The scene: I’m in the kitchen, cutting up an apple. Max joins me.

Max: Please?
Me: No.
Max: Pretty please? I love apples. 90 more words


"I love you, Dusty"

Isaiah is happily singing to the dog…

Dusty, Dusty! I loooooooove you! Dusty, DUUUSTY! I loooove you to my TOOOOOOOES!!!!

He’s emphasizing his words with grand hand gestures and stretching his feet out in front of him, showing Dusty his toes and how far they are from the rest of him. He must really love Dusty!


How Pets Entertain Themselves

There was a large bug flying through the living room. Dusty was lounging in the middle of the floor when he spotted it, rolled to his belly and lay there, alert, waiting for an opportunity to strike. 102 more words