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From the Red Desert to Badwater

The sheep are making our annual trek from wintering ground on the Red Desert to the Badwater Pasture, where we will shear the sheep before heading on to the Cottonwood lambing grounds. 35 more words


The Old Boy

Buddy… just a few days ago.

Nearly 13 years old, his age is definitely catching up with him. He has nearly lost all his hearing, and his eyes are smokey with age.   136 more words


Through a lens, iPhonely

Pat’s birthday present was a new set of lenses for his iPhone. Here’s some photos he took at Powder Wash trying out the new lenses. Watch this space for future pics. 111 more words


Hurry Up

Hurry up, they say, while waiting impatiently. “Your flowers are going to melt!”


Romance on the ides of December

The ides of December means that it’s time to put the rams in with the ewes. Romance in December brings lambs in May. A sheep’s gestation is five months less five days. 50 more words