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Good Dogs in Cars Being Happy

Hi everyone, Olivia here. As I’m sure you must know by now, I have a masters degree in stinkology. We dogs explore the world through smells more than what we see. 96 more words

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Raindrops and red cheeks

Raindrops splattered the windscreen like sound effects in a kid’s comic.  The summer storm had intensified and visibility was quickly changing from irritatingly poor to downright dangerous.  1,049 more words

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Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Car

Do you frequently travel with your dog? If so, how do you travel? Does your dog ride loose in the cab or bed of your truck? 3,276 more words

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coyotes at the carwash

My early Saturday morning included a quick trip through the car wash.  Well, it wasn’t that quick as I kept getting the message “card not read, try another one” as I fumbled in my wallet on the passenger seat to get another card out to try. 149 more words

Things From My Days

Traveling With Your Pup

The dogs and I used to travel frequently. And I mean frequently. Like, we literally used to leave town every single weekend for about a year straight. 2,696 more words

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Nova Scotia RCMP remind people to not leave pets in car in hot weather after more calls

High temperatures have prompted Nova Scotia RCMP to remind people yet again not to leave pets in parked cars after its Halifax detachment received at least three calls Tuesday of dogs locked in cars. 367 more words