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"Where's My Girlfriend?"

Mak wears double coats against the 2016 mid-May afternoon chill.  On his tailgate feather-bed, with a melancholy air, he wonders, “When’s dad gonna find my new girlfriend?”


Summer Bugs

Without much fur my boys were always vulnerable to bugs.Our hike was a tick and mosquito fest.  Tick/flea drops were a revolution in dog husbandry! 81 more words


With or Without a Hound -A Kiss

What’s it like to live with a dog that outweighs you, at times extremely funny. My “With or Without” series takes a look at life from both sides. 166 more words


Vigorous Licks

Is your Human Daddy exhausted after a long day at the mysterious place he and Human Mommy call “work”? Lick his face vigorously. That will set him up for the evening rounds of ball toss, Frisbee, and possibly tug.


Bianca or Blanca the Dog

This dog came running,

seemingly ferocious barking. . .

what’s a blogger to do when

she doesn’t have a cat,

turtle, horse nor bird?

Go find cute alpacas who… 41 more words


A Big Announcement

Collaboration through advanced technlogy. Shelfware organic growth new economyso red flag. That jerk from finance really threw me under the bus forcing function . Guerrilla marketing deliverables or race without a finish line. 396 more words


Exciting News at our Place

Well, in reality, it’s really only exciting for me, the other family members aren’t terribly interested in my writing life. That’s OK, we all have our own things we’re interested in, with only a few crossovers where we all get excited about things (lawn bowls that one … and the season is over for the year.) 388 more words