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A high energy of Joy!

The German Shepherd is highly intelligent and will not be content to live life as a couch potato. He’s a dog of action, and he needs to live with an active person who will give him a job worthy of his talents.German Shepherds love children and make great family dogs when they are given early socialization and training. 90 more words


Woof in Advertising: Snoopy gets the axe

MetLife has given Snoopy his walking papers. After proudly serving the insurance company for 30 years, Snoopy is being put out to pasture as part of a company-wide “refresh” aimed at portraying MetLife as more sophisticated and financially savvy. 22 more words


Darwin's Empire of Emotions

Recently I’ve found myself interested in Charles Darwin’s 1872 book The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals. This is in no small part because of its charming illustrations of cats and dogs in a variety of emotional states. 982 more words


Can I Get A Ride? Why Rescue Transport Maters

At SNC, about 25% of our surgery patients are rescue animals. These are dogs and cats that, in their few years (or weeks) on earth, have been through so much in life. 382 more words


How to walk your dog like a Pro!

When you go out for walks with your dog, are you walking your dog or is it the other way around?  Do you find yourself playing an unintentional game of tug-of-war with your dog?   732 more words


Turning Leaves and The Plump Duck Café!

I love the Autumn kit ‘Turning Leaves’ from One Little Bird at The Lily pad. This is Poppy Dog messing about in the leaves in our back garden. 151 more words