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"Final Thoughts from a Dying Zen Dog" - $10.63 price at eStore may well end tonight

I won’t know until late tonight but it seems likely that we are going to have to increase our eStore book price tomorrow.

“Final Thoughts from a Dying Zen Dog”  has partnered with the PuppyUp Foundation in helping to fund their work in canine-human cancer research. 77 more words

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National Dog Show - Reggio Emilia 2015

Hello there!

A couple of weeks ago I went to Reggio Emilia and I’ve worked for a friend who brought his two adorable cavalier king dogs for a dog show. 90 more words


All This Homeless Veteran and His Dog Needed Was Human Kindness...

While seated at a Starbucks, a homeless man came in and sat nearby.

His scent was unpleasant and people looked at him and rolled their eyes. 447 more words


Name that piece of Art... part 62...

This one was from a few posts that I did where someone asked me to do some cute Photoshop pictures of their dog. In order to see all the other cute pictures I did, you would have to go back and find the old posts. 23 more words


Photography 101: Treasure

This was a difficult theme. There are so many things I treasure, but how to photograph them? So after thinking it about it all yesterday I came to the conclusion that photographs themselves were a treasure. 183 more words

$60 well spent

piper has been using perry’s bed to sleep in so we wanted to get her a bed of her own. she is about a foot too long for perry’s bed anyway so it was time.

the best $60 ever spent…