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the hazy light

it washed the shadows
away, if just for today
for Pika and i


Window to the Wild: Episode 2

This week we have been battling the fog, but our whiskered cast persevered to bring you this week’s installment…


The Shadow Years

It’s hard on the heart, watching a pet grow old, but it’s not like I haven’t been here before.

When I was a kid growing up across the span of the late 50’s-70’s, we lived in a rural area where the general consensus was to let one’s pets roam free. 888 more words


#Beach #Walk with the #dogs: #Puppy Hutch goes for a swim

Hutch, the biggest out of our pack of dogs, looks easily clumsy, lumbering along, trying to keep up.

But he always amazes me with his love for swimming. 151 more words


Reflections as a Vet Nurse

Marc, our clinic dog, my break time nap cuddle buddy.

Today is 24th January, 7 days till my last day of work and 22 days till my flight to Sydney. 451 more words

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