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Daily Call To Action - 8/26

As I said in my last post…today is National Dog Day!  So let’s talk about dogs!  My question to you is… 44 more words


National Dog Day

National Dog Day is observed annually on August 26th.

This day encourages dog ownership of all breeds, mixed and pure, and embraces the opportunity for all dogs to live a happy, safe and abuse-free life.   71 more words


TGI... something something

We had an exceptionally challenging day yesterday. So, we’re making up for it with a selection of gifs celebrating the fact that it’s finally Friday and, as luck would have it… 88 more words


Me, on a date: So do you like dogs?

Them: Yeah, of course!

Me, pulling out breadsticks and laying them on the table: Yes, keep talking. 40 more words

This Is My Dog, Oscar: A Tribute on National Dog Day

This is my dog, Oscar.

He’s not a very good dog, by all accounts. He doesn’t come when he’s called, he pulls at his lead, and I’ve lost more than one pillow to his insatiable jaws. 505 more words


Happy National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day!

Celebrate by entering your dog in our, Wonder Dog of the Month, contest. Enter now!

And don’t forget your copy of, … 6 more words


Health Update

Glimmer slept most of yesterday. She took a little water just before 10am, and then she slept the rest of the day. When my husband got home from work, though, she woke up and she was able to greet him with close to the same excitement she usually gives him when he comes in the door. 349 more words