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weekly photo challenge : early bird

Dogwalk to Hague Lake on Cortes Island 6:20am on a Tuesday morning is it going to be sunny or is it going to rain only the EARLY BIRD really knows.

Dog Walking 101

I am working on a ‘dog walking’ chapter in my basic training book; feel free to offer any advice or critiques please! This is a portion of the chapter. 1,475 more words


Agility- Dogwalk

Like all professional agility equipment, this is extremely expensive. The actual item used in pro- tournaments will run you a couple thousand. However, also like most agility equipment, it can be easily improvised (it is the idea behind the trick you are teaching your dog). 432 more words

Happy Easter

We didn’t plan anything for specific for Easter… being a non- Christian household it’d not a holiday we make a fuss about but it’s turned out to be a busy and fun weekend nonetheless. 753 more words

New Fields

I went to explore the new fields near my new home today..

It’s very exciting, and there’s lots of new sniffs!

I think I’m going to like it here.

when to trust your gut

Loki is so close to being consistent with his dog walk… SO CLOSE I can taste it. He can hit all the time with slow starts and now, 4 strides are coming together. 211 more words

Dog Agility

#100happydays - day 28

Dog walking always sounded like such a chore to me before we actually got a dog of our own. And some days it does require grit-your-teeth-and-just-do-it effort (particularly when it’s pouring rain or I have a cantankerous toddler in tow). 251 more words