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when to trust your gut

Loki is so close to being consistent with his dog walk… SO CLOSE I can taste it. He can hit all the time with slow starts and now, 4 strides are coming together. 211 more words

Dog Agility

#100happydays - day 28

Dog walking always sounded like such a chore to me before we actually got a dog of our own. And some days it does require grit-your-teeth-and-just-do-it effort (particularly when it’s pouring rain or I have a cantankerous toddler in tow). 251 more words


#100happydays - day 19

It’s the first day of half term and it’s raining. But my brood surprised and delighted me with their collective enthusiasm for a dog walk in the woods. 90 more words


road rage. dog walk rage and play gym rage.

An alternative to the three happy thoughts blogs.

3 things that have enraged me and its only 12.00pm

1. Road rage -The woman who left me sitting in the middle of the road because she wouldn’t let me into the traffic. 180 more words


dog walks

The things that annoy me on dog walks…

1.Sparked by this note: please stop leaving food on the ground as our dogs keep eating it, thank you… 236 more words


Hello Winter, My Old Friend

Så idag var marken täckt med snö för första gången den här vintern, vilket såklart innebar JÄTTEKAOS! Stäng alla skolor och kontor! Ut med alla polisbilar och militärer och ambulanser på vägarna! 306 more words