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It's the little things. 

Now I’m gonna say something that I don’t 100% believe in.

Money can’t buy you happiness

Because let’s face it, if I was in the south of France, sipping on Champagne and wondering which Mulberry to put Sonny’s nappies in, I’d be fucking deliriously happy. 214 more words


5k A Day you say? Oh go on then...!

Lately I’ve been distracted and drained by negative things. I’ve let everything that winds me up, stresses me out and generally saps my positivity dominate my waking day and my sleepless night. 1,025 more words


River Walk

Went for a walk yesterday and we found this beautiful river! I love coming across hidden gems like this, especially close to home. The evenings have been feeling warmer recently which is nice, it’s always good to make the most of the light nights in summer. 67 more words



Alf showing off his long stride

Running vs. stopped

The debate about contacts has been covered by properly many of us over the years and will most definitely be an area of discussion for handlers in the future. 767 more words



Hey! So, to take a break from agility for like, 5 seconds… I’ve been teaching myself a language. And it’s completely impractical because it’s a language that like, 98% of people have never heard of, but some of my kids at school speak it and I think it’s really fun to be able to say little things to them in their own language and the more they teach me the more they open up to me so that’s really fun, plus I just find language  790 more words

Dog Agility

Red Rocks Trail in Boulder with Stella Banella

Got a quick hike in with this pretty lady last week at Boulder’s Red Rocks Trail.  I love Boulder because it’s full of hikes – some tough, some easy, all beautiful.

Pentax K-5II Shots

Waking up on the wrong side....

I get to a point with my blog where I get the itch to write something but it’s hard to choose what when every morning our radio alarm wakes us up with Today on Radio 4 and I lie there and doze in and out of the days news. 649 more words