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NOW is Prime Time to Plant a Flowering Crabapple

For those of you wanting a nice flowering tree for full sun exposure, the flowering crabapple is hard to beat, but ONLY if you pick out the best cultivars. 363 more words

Our Delightful Dogwood

Cornus kousa chinensis “China Girl” is one of those shrubs that we look forward to with great anticipation every year. It gives its special performance almost every year but does occasionally have a year off. 164 more words

Ornamental Trees And Shrubs

Six: this is where we go.

It was possibly a month or so after I had the phone call with my father. I finished my senior year, graduated with honors, and found myself at a very pivotal summer before college. 443 more words


Five: one more thing.

I said I was done with the whole brief backstory thing, but to be fair, this is not really backstory.

I should probably touch on the topic of memory before I find myself too far into this memoir. 311 more words


Four: the narrative.

Well, this is the first writing in which I am done explaining some brief back stories and begin talking about us. This is the birth of the narrative of the american badass, of us all. 591 more words