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Pfeifer & Langen buy Mriya sugar mills - Ukraine

Less than 2 months ago an entry appeared regarding the exceptionally murky, decidedly criminal, and mysterious yet unknown top level protection being afforded by those with incredible clout to the investment disaster/horror story surrounding Mriya Agro Holdings in Ukraine. 199 more words


E-declarations Ukraine - The cash issue

The end of October sees the deadline for tens of thousands of Ukrainian politicians, civil servants and other assorted holders of high public office to submit… 960 more words


Ukraine to deregulate food pricing

In 1996 Government Decree 1548 regulated the price of foods across Ukraine, and theoretically has done ever since.

From baby foods to eggs, and from bread to sunflower oil (and much, much more in between) it sought to regulate food pricing. 241 more words


Ukraine casts its net for SOE CEOs - but what will it catch?

The 26th February saw Government Ukraine launch an official public selection process to attract and appoint CEOs for several large State Owned Enterprises (SOEs).

The SOE’s in question are formally described thus – … 1,204 more words


Yatseniuk to business - "Come out of the shadows"

The newly adopted tax code, upon which the 2016 budget is founded, reduces employers payroll tax from 41% to 22% – a radical reduction to a tax commitment of a tax that very few employers actually pay unless they are simply too big to avoid the tax radar. 785 more words


A return to Odessa Port

It has been a while since anything appeared here regarding Odessa Port and the Governor’s attempts to curtail the rampant corruption there (as well as Yushni and Illichevsk). 420 more words