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Cement trucks, doing dishes, and your spiritual life

On my way in to work this morning, I saw a cement truck with the barrel of it in the back, turning over and over.  Why does it do that?  281 more words


Dishes, laundry and dreaming BIG ...

Can I be done doing dishes? Forever? And laundry, I want to be done with that too. The first person to make disposable pots, pans and clothing will be my hero. 71 more words

Life's Little Lessons

Parenting and Dishes

It can get tiring trying to keep up with the dishes. Sometimes, you’d rather just not do them. But dirty dishes come with feeding your family, and there’s no way we would stop feeding them, so we deal with the dishes. 32 more words


How to make your own dishwasher detergent

Are you looking for a way to save up some cash? Or, are you simply looking for something to do on the weekend? Spend your day doing something productive with this article’s newest recipe for you. 274 more words

Reasons Why You Should Wash Dishes by Hand

Cleaning services or high tech cleaning gadgets are popular for most families nowadays. You save time, effort, and energy by getting someone or something else to do the job for you. 321 more words

Keep Your Kitchen Tools Smelling Clean

Don’t you just hate it when you forget some food inside your pots and pans and they spoil over the weekend? Or, leave a Tupperware full of pasta on the fridge and forget to check on it until a few weeks later? 333 more words