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I don’t think my brain is all connected.

Sensory input is not well directed.

Ice cream on my tongue and I hear punk,

Playing the guitar I feel all drunk. 61 more words

Wordy Story

How To Do Dishes by Hand

Although while growing up my parents enjoyed referring to me as their automatic dishwasher mechanical dishwashers do rely on far less energy, water, and detergent when at full capacity than washing by hand.   348 more words

HomeRoma Therapy

Boy doing dishes.

Silence. Dimly lit room and
silence. Boy is standing

there in silence. In Boy’s
own part of the world.

When you move in close,
you realize Boy’s insistent… 87 more words


Dishes, laundry and dreaming BIG ...

Can I be done doing dishes? Forever? And laundry, I want to be done with that too. The first person to make disposable pots, pans and clothing will be my hero. 71 more words

Life's Little Lessons

Parenting and Dishes

It can get tiring trying to keep up with the dishes. Sometimes, you’d rather just not do them. But dirty dishes come with feeding your family, and there’s no way we would stop feeding them, so we deal with the dishes. 32 more words