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my muse

eye through a lens. you in a one inch box.
captured time,
and again.
i took so many pictures of you.

so many faces of you.
when did i stop?


Mr. Mom

Rushing the boy to Fencing lessons, after making the kids dinner and doing a load of dishes, after doing laundry earlier today and even hanging it on a clothesline… 12 more words


The Detestable Task Of Doing Dishes

One of the least enjoyable aspects of cooking/food preparation is dirty dishes and the task of kitchen clean up. I am remarkably frugal when it comes to generating as few dirty dishes (pots, pans, utensils, plates etc) as possible. 662 more words

This is me doing dishes.

Doing dishes makes me nauseous. I loathe doing them, so Callaghan does them. I gladly put them away. We never talk about who does what in the house… we just do what we don’t mind doing, and thankfully, there’s nothing to be done that we both dislike. 779 more words

Random Silliness

Starting over at 27-27 Lessons.

It’s 1 am and I’m watching dishes.Why?Because God told me so.Yes, He really did.

I went to the kitchen for water before bed. The dirty plates stated back at me. 342 more words

Starting Over Series