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Fighting Learned Helplessness with Operation Door Jam

A friend of ours is planning to sell his house and he was talking about all the little projects he’s been doing in the last six months to get ready.  892 more words

Questioning Expenses: Cellphones

Earlier this year, my wife’s Nexus 5X succumbed to the infamous fatal boot loop error and died.  We were able to activate an old phone that allowed her to make calls and receive texts, which was enough to push us through the initial knee-jerk “OMG, I need to replace this… 761 more words

DIY: Insulation

During our first winter in our house, we flailed badly when it came to managing our heating bills.  Turns out that the insulation in the attic and at the rim joists in the basement was severely degraded (or was just missing completely in a few spots!).  708 more words

Spending Surprises: Take Out

As I finish working on our taxes, I’m approaching this year’s Financial State of the Union with my wife (our annual financial check-in about our spending habits, priorities, and plans for the coming year).  1,107 more words

Unexpected Frugality at Work

There’s an article making the rounds about a Denver Metro school district in Colorado that’s hoping to save money and reduce teacher turnover (and potentially attract new teaching talent) by cutting down to a four day school week. 816 more words

Frugal Things I've Tried: ALDI Grocery Stores

In the land of extreme frugality, ALDI Grocery Stores pop up over and over again.  The store is touted by frugal bloggers around the country as the “be all end all” #1 tip for slashing your weekly grocery bill to half (or even lower)!  498 more words

Shortcut to shred?

There are many gimmicks and shortcuts revolving around, you have many theories online,many do’s and don’ts, many with different approaches that probably confuse you, or make you doubt your current efforts, also at times it gets demotivational. 327 more words

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