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Wegmans Feeds 1,000 C'ville Protests First Responders

More than 1.000 first responders dealing with the unrest in Charlottesville VA last weekend faced angry protesters – some there to oppose the city’s plan to remove from a public part a statue of Confederate General Robert E. 343 more words

Customer Service

Brilliant branded content: Happiness Machine by Coca-Cola

The original Coca-Cola Happiness Machine video is several years old now, but just as delightful as it ever was. It’s not only a wonderful concept and experience for the people participating in the video, but it remains a mesmerizing content video in and of itself; eminently watchable, over and over again. 487 more words

Content Marketing

Banana Delivery in NYC: It's Seriously Complicated

The New York Times had a fascinating feature last Friday (August 4) detailing the complications in getting bananas from their US point of entry into stores and fruit stands around New York City. 348 more words

Healthy Eating

Brilliant branded content: music videos

Music videos are perhaps the best example of content marketing. They tell a brand story, in a creative and engaging way, and generally don’t contain any marketing messaging at all. 252 more words

Content Marketing

The Soft Neg

Letting chicks down easy is an important skill that natural lotharios like your host learn early in life.  I’m going to show you how to give women the soft negative when it comes to a seat at your D&D table. 641 more words

Game Can Save Your Game

If you really want to take your tabletop RPG to the next level you need to learn game.  Game is not just for banging cheap and easy sloots, it’s a complete reframing of your entire life, and it can do for rolling dice what it does for knocking boots.   693 more words

Rewriting assignment: Law #7

Robert Greene’s Law # 7:

“Get others to do the work for you, but always take the credit” 

Law # 7, in my own words: “The things that end up costing you the most are the ones that you don’t pay for” 117 more words