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On Five Room Dungeons

Johnn Four ain’t a bad guy, for a Canuck.  His D&D Tips Site was one of the first I encountered way back in 1999 that wasn’t just some rando writing up his campaign notes on line.   929 more words

My Gaming Shelf

Apparently posting a picture of your extensive game book collection is a thing that popular D&D bloggers do to establish their nerd-cred.  Because spending way too much money paying other people to be creative for you is what proves how creative you are?  2,671 more words

In The Pudding

By popular demand!  The great unwashed masses (these are D&D players after all) have long clamored for an example of how The Alt-Right DM preps for a session of D&D, and unlike that perennial tease… 993 more words

Content Burnout: What To Do For Real (The Matrix)(not really)(yes really)

In previous posts in this series, I was tackling the problem of how you can keep on creating content for the same product or company day after day, year after year. 809 more words

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Not That Hard, People

Stop trying to outsmart the genius of Cook, D&D nerds!  For the love of all that is Holy Gygaxian, hex crawls are not that hard.  DMDavid now has a series of posts in which he tries to fix unbroken… 1,252 more words

Content Burnout: What To Do For Real (part 2: party of one)

The previous post on this subject was good advice for working with a content team and generating ideas to overcome burnout. But what if you are (as I so often am) working alone? 1,209 more words

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Content Burnout: What To Do For Real (part 1: leverage your team)

Okay, that post I wrote last week was true and accurate. It’s based on best practices widely circulated amongst content marketers, and very good advice. You can read it anywhere. 1,176 more words

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