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Relationships and Love are Overrated: My Tips on Throwing a Singles Party!

Hey Ya’ll,

Were you one of the 124 million people currently living in the US who didn’t spend Valentine’s Day with a significant other? As you can see, you’re definitely not alone! 246 more words


DOING IT YOURSELF. Part 2. Assembling The A-TEAM

I have decided an alternative title for this series could be “Things I Wish 22-Year-Old Ben Had Known”.

To me one of the best things about music is the space it provides for collaboration. 2,277 more words


DOING IT YOURSELF. Part 1. Delusions of Grandeur

So I have decided to write a series of blog posts about the way my album came together.

Even as I finish that sentence there is a dark voice in my brain, tormenting me with the thought that it requires a certain amount of self-righteousness to even consider such a venture. 746 more words


Creating our balcony

So OH and I just moved into our new flat recently, as mentioned before, and we have been trying to get little bits done to fix it up. 392 more words


Kim and Auden: Playing Out

Kim is a great friend of mine, and recently her and her son Auden (5) arranged a  Play Streets: closing the road for an afternoon for a big group play. 445 more words

Guest Posts

Eco-Friendly Idea: Pre-Owned Wedding Items

Hey Y’all,

Over the last few years, I’ve noticed that it’s becoming more and more acceptable, especially among millennials, to purchase pre-owned wedding items. This makes sense, since the “sharing economy” continues to become more widespread. 271 more words


#BWorleyTips: How to Be a Great Host

Hey Y’all,

We’ve all attended a party where the host cannot be found because they’re busy putting out fires the whole night! This isn’t fun for the guests or the host and it’s the reason most people hire event producers so that they can be hands off and actually enjoy being the host! 115 more words