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Week 16: It Would Still Hurt the Same

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She wants him to admit it.  That’s all she wants.  But he won’t, and that’s the wedge that’s being driven deeper and deeper between them.  1,360 more words

Short Stories

In love with the idea, but not the work

Surely you’ve felt this way before. You get an awesome idea and you know it would be great or be successful, but the more you look into the work and how long it might take the adrenaline you feel begins to lessen… soon that great idea feels like it would be great for someone else who has the time, the money, the “go for it” attitude and then you are right back at square one until another idea comes along. 768 more words


Saving money by doing it yourself

I’m feeling so excited and handy as I write this blog because I was able to do some minor vehicle maintenance that saved us some money. 460 more words

Choose a new start

We have to be intentional about what we do with our time. I’m guilty of being lazy and just choosing whatever is convenient, but I’m working to be more intentional! 610 more words


Reason Why I Don't Masturbate

Ever tried something more than a few times to make sure it’s not your “thing”. Yea, that’s me when It comes to this topic. 

I literally have never ever gotten any kind of pleasure from self touch.. 233 more words

In My Head