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Jamaica is beautiful

I will say that Jamaica is a very beautiful country. The people are really loving and friendly and even though I had a hard time because of the heat I am so glad I got the opportunity to minister there. 371 more words


Are Your Linen-Washing Habits Out of Line?

Find out if you need to clean up your laundry act!

Laundry 101

How often do you change your sheets? How often is your kitchen towel swapped out? 62 more words

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Sunday Nights

It is now very early in the morning on January 4th, so technically it is Monday, but for me, it is the end of the first Sunday night of 2016. 754 more words


Enjoying different cultures

Our first apartment in Jericho was about 2 miles from the Jesus House. As the crow flies it probably wasn’t even a mile but we had to walk on the roads to the house. 335 more words


Dishes, laundry and dreaming BIG ...

Can I be done doing dishes? Forever? And laundry, I want to be done with that too. The first person to make disposable pots, pans and clothing will be my hero. 71 more words

Life's Little Lessons

Let's dye jeans! Do you have a pair in a color you hate?

So… I had a pair of jeans with white-ish (not on purpose) knees… they were otherwise in great shape but the knees looked crummy and I found myself not wearing them, especially when I needed to look nicer than crummy. 596 more words

Doing Laundry

Painting a dress?

So, I went off to look for a dress to wear to a summer wedding. You know the drill… it had to look nice, feel nice AND be comfortable enough to dance in. 514 more words

Doing Laundry