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How to do laundry in 2017

Get the dirt on soap 

Your laundry detergent makes a lot of claims. It’s going to spin. It’s going to tell you it’s better than all the other detergents. 736 more words


The gift of an ordinary day

I learned a life lesson that became more prominent after I was diagnosed with cancer. When stresses of life are too much for me to handle I find peace in the ordinary. 166 more words

My Thoughts

NOMAD LIFE | Doing Laundry in Africa

Doing laundry is a love/hate for all travelers. We do it in hostels, laundromats, friends houses, airports and occasionally by hand. This is how I had to do laundry whilst in Hukunsti, Botswana.


Folding Laundry ~ Time for Reflection

Laundry ~ it’s the never-ending chore that is always staring us in the face as parents. The dirty clothes pile up, we tackle the mountain waiting to be attended to in the laundry room, get every article of clothing folded nicely and put away in its proper place. 663 more words

LAUNDRY , whose turn ???

Whose gona do the laundry , it’s funny no one wants to do laundry , but you would think the ones with dirty cloths would help a little , gather there grimey cloths together , but no , it’s like a ghost town at laundry time , myself , I’m willing to do half the work , I will fold my half no problem . 60 more words


Doing laundry with my Mom. / Pesupäevad emade ajal.

Yesterday I thought about my Mom while I was ironing the clothes.

Actually I remember my mother every time I iron. My Mom taught me how to iron different materials, how to handle pants or woollen things (you have to gently press the latter through a damp cloth). 849 more words


6 Useful Laundry Tips

Doing laundry can be brutal and sometime laundry mistakes happen. Here are some laundry tips to make it a little easier on you.

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