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Shoun and his Mother

Shoun became a teacher of Soto Zen. When he was still a student his father passed away, leaving him to care for his old mother. 405 more words


Waking Up

We are all doing the best we can. No, really, WE ARE ALL DOING THE BEST WE CAN.

                                                                           Brene Brown  

Rising Greatly – The Reckoning. The Rumble. 501 more words

to go farther

I came across this the other day and saved it because it hit me like a ton of bricks. In all the low points in my life, when I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep trying, (for anything,) when I thought I was ready to give up all hope, when the shitstorm of life had hit a point of critical mass and it was do-or-die, this is the mentality that got me through it. 198 more words

Mumbling Of An Imbecile

Doing your best

Amy got 29% in her maths test… I’m ok with that as I know she did her best..in fact when I looked over it I saw some some questions marked right that were wrong (?!). 873 more words

If Only . . .

Let us try to avoid

Life’s “if only’s”


If only

I’d been kinder

More empathetic

Spent more time with friends

Spent more time with family… 51 more words

Always Do Your Best

It’s a guiding life principle with which we’re all familiar: Always do your best.

Of course, your best is a fluid concept. It will be different, for example, after a sleepless night than when you wake up refreshed and energized. 107 more words


Doing Your Best.


It is a struggle to be true

To the best that lies in you.

People have a lot to say

About the things you try to do. 36 more words