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Alat Bantu Mengajar (ABM) - Badminton

Berikut merupakan Alat Bantu Mengajar yang diperbuat daripada paip PVC. Memerlukan modal yang tidak seberapa besar, lebih kurang 60-70 ringgit sahaja. Selamat mencuba. Jika berminat, bole terus direct contact. 6 more words


DIY raised planter box

I beat the river rock.

& I feel good about it. My back doesn’t. but my ego does.

Are there still rocks in there? Yes. Will there always be rocks in there & never enough time in the day for me to remove them? 438 more words


A must read for dog owners!

I live on the second floor of an apartment building with two pitbulls. When I am home I take the dogs outside for walks, and when they have to do their potty business. 410 more words


Mein Bauch wächst und wächst! Die neuen Umstandhosen sind ein Traum und ich kann wieder unbeschwert sitzen, ohne dass mir der Bund der Hose in den Bauch drückt! 154 more words


Tutu DIY

Tutus can be SO expensive. Not only that but I can never find good ones for adults! SO I decided to make my own.

Now I don’t have my sewing items with me SINCE a lot of my items are still in Jersey. 207 more words


I am not one to buy juice from the stores or shops usuall so when DH and I went to our client stores to supply products and I bought #FarmPride mango juice from one of them, he asked if I was coerced into buying it. 318 more words


Easy Way to Organize Your Belts

I purchased belt hangers to go inside my closet, however, I found it was not working well since the belts were pressing against my shirts. I did not want to keep my belts in a drawer or box since I wanted them to be easily accessible and many of them are different widths and styles. 117 more words