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Passable, but unnecessary re-recordings

Greatest Hits, Dokken, Cleopatra, 2010.

It’s been a trend -an often controversial one at that- for older bands to re-record some of their old material. Not wanting to be left out, rockers Dokken also gave the idea a go. 796 more words

Music Reviews


Anyone expecting anything resembling a traditional black metal album from the former Emperor frontman Ihsahn at this point just hasn’t been paying attention. On Arktis. 507 more words


Machine Tread

Since most of today at work had me sitting at my desk, I decided to destroy some of those calorie fuckers when I got home. I did one mile on the treadmill (shredmill??) right away, took a little recovery break, ate dinner (Teriyaki Chicken and mashed potatoes – NO FUCKING SALT!!!!!), rested for an hour, then clobbered another mile on the treadmill. 21 more words


Fugue In Space

I’ve never said I was a “cool dude”, or “hip” or “with it”. I’ve never been a trendsetter or even a trend follower for that matter(I don’t think acid washed jeans or Alf count.) If I’ve ever been a fan of the cool it’s completely by coincidence. 1,437 more words

Just Because...

MattyLovesPodcast Volume 2, Episode 6 "There's nothing wrong with a healthy obsession."

Matt and “Dr.” Tom are back again to discuss some of their recent, healthy obsessions.

From Netflix, to record collecting, to racing Hot Wheels–this week is filled with two guys talking about doing adult stuff.


Deathgasm review

By Paul Downey

Heavy metal has always had a synergy with horror films, right back to the days of Dokken and Alice Cooper’s contributions to the Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th series’ respectively. 233 more words

Extracurricular Activities

I look like this right now in my woman-child room. Hurray!

I’m trying to change the fact I currently posting once a week. MOAR FUN!111 I say. 236 more words