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May 24, 2015

There’s a ramp which takes Dokkenator into his workplace at Paradise Banquet Hall. Along that pathway is the outdoor wedding gardens. Nothing disrupts a ceremony faster than a blasting speaker bag & strong vocals. 485 more words

80's Music

Top 5 Videos from Horror Movies

As we approach All Hallows’ Eve, I have been thinking about the “spooky” music videos that were out there in the 80’s that were attached to horror films.  290 more words

Dokken/Beast From The East(1988) Part 2!

Let’s get right to it Folks with sides 3&4 of Beast From The East….

Cast of Characters- Don Dokken(Vocals),George Lynch(Geetar),Jeff Pilson(Bass) and Mick Brown(Drums)

King Of Yammering- Deke… 871 more words

SONIC WAVES...Album Reviews

Dokken/ Beast From The East(1988) Part 1!

Dokken was a band that had a chance for the golden ticket to complete stardom but because of the constant bickering between lead singer Don Dokken and guitarist George Lynch Dokken the band imploded after 4 studio albums …Breaking The Chains(1983),Tooth & Nail(1984),Under Lock And Key(1985)and Back For The Attack(1987)… 1,205 more words

SONIC WAVES...Album Reviews

The Birth Of Dokkenator

April 13, 2009

It was that wet Spring afternoon Dokkenator was created. Power came to him while listening to the Rolling Stone compilation “Headbanging Heroes of 80’s Metal”. 205 more words

80's Music

A Nightmare A Day: Day 3 (A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors)

Director: Chuck Russell. (Other credits include The Mask and The Scorpion King)

Budget: $4.5million

US Box Office: $44.7million

  • Ooooo, new New Line logo. This one looks less like the intro to a Commodore 64 game.
  • 1,416 more words
Horror Films

Monster, Monster - Dream Warriors

Destroying Freddy with the power of Hair! At least, unlike most movie tie-ins, they made an effort to actually incorporate the band into the story, instead of the usual alternating of concert video and movie clips that was more usual. 18 more words