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Doing Nothing

These are my favorite moments of all. The lightness of simply enjoying life in all of its magic. Observing the trees or the ocean moving, twisting and dancing, feeling the breeze brush past my body, taking in the sounds around me, weather they be of the birds, waves, the chattering of folks nearby… Every now and then, these moments reach into my daily life and stir the stagnancy right out of my soul. 147 more words

Dreams are made of this

Last night, Peppercorn, now aged two and one quarter years, was having trouble sleeping. Her parents both had work today. So I gathered Peppercorn up in her Grobag/sleeping bag and carried her out to the balcony overlooking the river. 116 more words


A view from my chair

After several tumultuous months we are seeing hope, peace and simplicity on our horizon. Today I have a superb view of the Brisbane River from my armchair in our Daughter’s apartment. 58 more words

Coming Of Age In My Fifties

3 Ways to Live La Dolce Vita Everyday

by Agita Wijaya

To the locals who happened to pass by, we must have looked like clowns. Huge suitcases (some stark neon pink with Victoria’s Secret written all over it), expensive and clunky professional cameras around our necks, money belts around our hips, and cases of guitars and ukuleles in our grips. 1,369 more words


Ποιος είναι ο τύπος της ανίας σας;

Η φίλη μου η Άιναφετς  γράφει για το

Dolce far niente – «Γλυκό τίποτα»  και λέει ….

Υπάρχει κάτι πιο γλυκό απ΄το να μη κάνεις τίποτα; 19 more words


Happy fifth day of 2018

We had a lovely  Christmas and New Year  blessed with family and friends. One day we hosted a morning tea in the care home for MotherFD to share time with some of her siblings. 335 more words


No Credit in Heaven

Satana Rovinato thought that dying would be the solution to all her problems. Chiefly, relieving her of the massive amount of credit card debt she had racked up in these modern times when one must either work in a profession from the dinosaur age of humanity (e.g. 1,294 more words

Short Story