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26: It's The 26th!

As my country woke up to its 68th Republic Day, I found myself awake at a time when I was hoping to be ensconced in a comfortable sleep instead. 403 more words


21: Currently Thoroughly Enjoying

My life, at this very moment, feels like a scene right out of a movie. There’s the weather factor, which is oddly but expectedly, quite so very under. 810 more words


To work or not to work

Work. Your late. Run.
Sit. Concentrate. But do have fun.
Enjoy what you do.
Do what you love.
Be focussed, be attentive,
Be mindful now. 155 more words


a short break in transmission

Off to the city to visit with Petite Fille and her parents. Only for a day of two, so don’t fret.


Yes, I think it was today, or maybe it was yesterday

Mr FD and I ventured our into the summer heat to visit a new garden nursery in our area. As soon as we entered I felt sadness, as it is obvious that this venture has a slim chance of being a success. 296 more words


Recognisable nostalgia

The scenario is that you love what the country brings you, but you’re longing for family, friends and where your ‘safe-base’ is. You may find yourself noticing the recognisable nostalgia time after time. 494 more words


I had worked with her a bit, and kept bringing her in for Auditions over the years.
She was known for her eccentricities, 1,005 more words