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Dolce Far Niente - Educa 1500.

I fell in love with this puzzle from the first time I found it hanging on the wall of a very good friend’s living room, around 15 years ago. 196 more words


front page news: The Village explodes into deviant behaviour!

Tragedy was averted in the Village today. Flamingo Dancer, exiting her drive in her white, hybrid Honda Civic, was forced to give way to a team of ducks who had, “without warning” decided to cross the road. 129 more words


where is the fairness in this?

While the honeymooning Mr and Mrs Daughter2 were in New Zealand waking to morning snow and doing this:

I spent the day in my PJs, rising only to eat and put another load of laundry on, before cooking this: 71 more words


no pachelbel's canon

Daughter 2 and Mr D2 had one reading and one song at their wedding :

and the reading, read by Daughter1,  was:

Hope you enjoy them as much as we did – both texts are sooooo Daughter 2 and Her Mr D2.


some wedding guests just want to keep partying

Party on our windowsill this Monday morn – a few rescued wedding decorations who just don’t know when to stop!

We are all in post wedding, go slow mode this morning, but some memories are: 251 more words



Kalau melintas di jalan raya Bandung-Tangkubanparahu, mata ini sering melirik ke sebuah bangunan unik bertembok hitam dengan arsitektur yang tampak kuno. Di dinding bagian depan terdapat tulisan yang cukup jelas untuk dibaca dari jauh, “ Dolce Far Niente”, lalu di bawahnya, “Monteiro”. 998 more words