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Just Saying

Yesterday began with quite a bit of zeal, freshness and a kick that only Mondays can give me. My day began quite well and proceeded to look pretty good too – I got a lot off my check list – with productivity being the star of my day. 955 more words


The Small Things We Do

The idea, and fact, that some of the biggest joys in life come from the simplest of things has, almost out of habit, been reinforced time and again. 875 more words


Hội An những ngày Dolce far Niente

Dolce far Niente: (tiếng Ý) Sự ngọt ngào của việc không làm gì cả

Text & photos: Banana

Bắt nguồn từ nước Ý, nơi đầu tiên xuất hiện những thành phố sống chậm slow cities trên thế giới như Greve, Orvieto, Positano…, phong cách sống chậm dần lan tỏa đến nhịp sống hằng ngày của cư dân các nước khác. 673 more words


Of course I can, said the brush to the comb.

Favourite memory of the weekend is of three year old, Petite Fille, using a hair brush and comb as her violin and bow. Perky nose wrinkled tight for she was concentrating very hard, as brush tucked under her tiny chin, she hummed a high pitched melody as she drew the comb back and forth through the brush bristles. 76 more words


Bringing Boredom to an Art Form: Dolce Far Niente

So unemployment is getting kinda boring. Don’t get me wrong, I have some amazing days browsing the shops, immersing myself in a good book, and hanging out with Birdy when he is free; but I also have days where I feel like the grey matter that is my brain is going to slowly leak out through my nostrils in a most unbecoming manner. 502 more words


All good things come to an end

From west to east, flying home today. Sad to leave Peppercorn and her Mummy, as always. I am not subtle in my “suggestions” that they move east and close to family again. 63 more words