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New Dole Plan Cuts off Single Mothers, MP Durastic Plans 

New plans have confirmed that Millions of single mothers will be cut off public benifits next month. Prime Minister Malcom Turnbell said earlier this afternoon in a public accouncment meeting “Too many Australian females depend on public benifits to obtain a living instead of being a succesful and active part of Australias Society“. 26 more words


Boredom - I still haven't conquered this one yet

So it’s been almost two months since I finished work and I have never been more bored in my life. I used to look forward to my summers every year as a schoolchild, but for some reason I am utterly bored out of my brain this summer. 433 more words


Know Your Rights and Privileges as a Pinoy Contractual Employee

One of the most talked about subject during the election season was the proposal to abolish contractual employment in the Philippines.  According to the presidential candidates, the right of workers and employees to permanent employment must be honored by companies and business establishments.  345 more words

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Cost Cutting - Ways to Save Money

One of the main reasons I have created this blog is to share money saving tips. The money we get does not go a long way at all. 831 more words


It’s only been three days since I was paid, but I have had my budget planned out for weeks in advance. When you’re receiving such a small amount, it is absolutely essential to put every cent to good use. 733 more words


I’m Aoife and I’m on the dole. I wanted to speak about how I came to be on the dole.

I had been working since I finished school. 448 more words


Being a Company Nurse in the Philippines

Prior to becoming a hospital nurse, I worked as a Human Supervisor/Company Nurse for four years for a retail company here in the Philippines. Industrial nursing isn’t really a well-known field in nursing until recently when DOLE (Department of Labor and Employment) required companies to hire one depending on the company’s number of employees. 1,565 more words

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