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Finished Dollhouse

The doll house is done and decorated….for the most part. It’s in it’s final resting place and ready for play anyway. There are, and probably always will be, things to add or make better….or repair­čśé. 203 more words

Dollhouse Project

Moving Day

John and I loaded the doll house onto the garden cart and moved it from the studio to the granddaughters bedroom in the house.

Cora was the first to have a play date with the dolls in the new location. 270 more words

Dollhouse Project

Tiny Art

The doll house needed some art work to help finish it off. This one was a fun, quick project. After painting the detailed cupboard doors, the tiny canvas was easy. 95 more words

Dollhouse Project

Imaginative play

Some Sunday mornings you wake up, and you don’t know what your family will present you with.

This morning, in my lazy Sunday way, I’m half asleep in bed, when I hear a commotion next to me. 191 more words


End Tables

Yesterday I made two end tables for the master bedroom. They are made with the layer cardboard technique I have used on all of my furniture so far. 249 more words

Dollhouse Project

Hen House and Rabbit Hutch

I decided to make a hen house and rabbit hutch on the left side of the house rather than a garden. I figured the girls would enjoy that more. 177 more words

Dollhouse Project

Critters moving in!

When I made a niche for the little owl, I asked my Facebook doll house groups if they had any other ideas for the space. I decided to go with the owl as it won by an overwhelming majority. 65 more words

Dollhouse Project