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Life in a doll house

You know the thing about time? It happens. It doesn’t wait for you. You can’t catch up to it.

This is what you’ve heard all your life. 483 more words


(Pictorial) Log Cabin Dollhouse- Adding a Front Door To Cabin and Link to the COOLEST Real Cabin EVER!

Recently, my dad showed me a news article about the coolest REAL log cabin ever. It was an old, fallen down building purchased for 100 bucks in Missouri and took 10 yrs to restore/rebuild. 202 more words

Hello Spring

Shoutout to Anthropologie’s visual display team! I bought the entire display, minus the charger because it wasn’t for sell! I ended up finding similar chargers thrifting!  47 more words

Dining Room

(Pictorial) Log Cabin Dollhouse- Adding a floor to loft and decorating updates

Because I was running out of room in the cabin, the half loft had to be extended to a full loft. I stained and glued temporary boards to the ceiling rafters in such a way that if I had to remove them, it wouldn’t damage the original structure. 231 more words

Chapter 1 - Welcome to the Doll House

The wind howled as the van rolled to a stop. The lightning that flashed through the sickly clouds ominous, yet also fitting. The shadows were irregular for the morning, what was meant to be a sunny day tainted by the horrid storm that seemed to perpetually remain over the hill. 2,235 more words


FanFiction - Doll House

Synopsis: When a small town Mayor calls in the help of SPR, the team never expected what they ran into. The phantom image of a young woman haunts their every step, an invisible butler stalks his guests and the SPR team don’t even know the half of their task at hand. 56 more words


Introducing Findlay Bear and Flora Panda Knitted teddy bears

For several years, I designed teddy bears (Edward and Anastasia) for a knitting magazine that is no longer being published.

People have been asking me for the patterns for Edward and Anastasia, but I can’t share them, as I don’t own the copyright on them  :( 193 more words