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Needle and Thread

As I was sitting in my sewing room on this sunny, but a bit chilly, Sunday morning, needle sculpting some hands for two dolls I am working on, it always amazed me how a few stitches can transform a simple piece into something that one can look at and appreciate the added dimension to that piece. 33 more words


Dream 12: Blue mist

When I first heard what the theme of the TAG! gacha event would be, I was sort of happy because I hate circuses, and circus attractions and everything attached with it…so of course I  thought that would mean I wouldn’t have to break my bank trying to get the things I wanted…..but omg was I wrong. 103 more words

The Master of Disguise arrives in the mail

This weekend was my Hens (Bachelorette) party. I was picked up by my friends and spirited off for a weekend of pampering and relaxation and general partying! 141 more words

Doll Chatter

Taffeta the Doll

By Chef sek824


“Happy Birthday, Emma,” I said, kissing my daughter’s cheek lightly.

“Thanks, Mommy,” she murmured, a small smile on her face. 2,667 more words