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'We Are In A Dive, I Repeat'...

This week started off on a decidedly downbeat note when, following a weekend of violence in a place that’s not used to seeing Nazi rallies, vehicular manslaughter, and helicopters falling from the sky, Donald Trump used the Q&A session of a press conference about infrastructure to defend white supremacists and talk about Thomas Jefferson’s slaves. 883 more words

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Peak Dollar Disaster? The Never Trump Trade is Getting Crowded.

Always be skeptical and expect a reversal when the headlines become one-sided.¬† The dollar should not be this weak nor the euro this strong.¬† Trump is not the Agent of Chaos, he’s the recipient. 319 more words


World Stocks Tumble as Market Hopes in Trump's Reform Agenda Fade

World stocks were set for a second day of losses on Friday after an exodus of U.S. executives from presidential business councils dealt a fresh blow to hopes of tax reform and deadly attacks in Barcelona hit shares in European tourism firms. 546 more words



It was all about Coneheads on Wednesday.

See, here’s the thing: Gary Cohn is seriously considering whether it’s a good idea to stand around and play music on the deck of the Titanic rather than fighting for one of the few remaining life boats. 699 more words

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As White House Denies Gary Cohn 'Rumor', Market Gets 'Crash' Preview

So, just to be clear, you don’t need to be political scientist or a particularly keen market observer to know that if Gary Cohn quits on Trump, risk assets are likely to sell off, the dollar is likely to plunge, and yields are likely to fall precipitously. 1,027 more words

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US dollar rallies, up 0.6% versus euro

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

The US dollar rebounded across the board on Thursday, reserving some of its strongest gains against the euro, helped partly by a bounce in US Treasury yields but also ahead of the release of minutes from the ECB’s latest policy meeting. 70 more words

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