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Greece: a possible tactic for reintroduction of the drachma

In the event that exit from the Eurozone should be necessary following a Greek default, it will be difficult and time consuming to reinstate the drachma because of the… 683 more words

Economics Lesson: Is deflation bad?

Fortunately the key insights about inflation or deflation are fairly intuitive and easy to understand. Stable prices—i.e., zero inflation—is best, fully anticipated inflation (or deflation) is second best, and inflation/deflation surprises are bad. 1,346 more words



Two key concerns dominate Central America’s banking sector this year – dollarization and consumer lending. The two themes are interlinked – given any significant erosion in capital base, the banking sector’s ability to support the demand for consumer loans may be compromised. 1,096 more words


Re-visiting Iceland - Options for monetary and currency reform in Iceland

Earlier this week I re-visited Iceland on the invitation of the Icelandic bank Islandsbanki. I had been invited to give a presentation on the topic of… 297 more words


Here are all the countries that don't have a currency of their own

As Scotland prepares to vote on independence on Sept. 18, the future of its currency has taken center stage.

For the moment, Scotland prints its own notes and uses the British pound, which is controlled by the Bank of England. 1,465 more words

A dollar-based Free Banking system: The way to nominal stability in Argentina

Inflation is skyrocketing in Argentina and the country seems unable to ever maintaining any form of nominal stability. In my view the problem with lack of nominal stability in Argentina is, however, not fundamentally monetary – it is rather a constitutional problem. 353 more words

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Vietnam: Dollarization decreases

Published on Vietnam Business Times, September 27th, 2013

The dollarization in the economy has decreased.

In the first 8 months of 2013, the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) had taken measures synchronically to stabilize the exchange rates and the foreign exchange market, enabling to raise the country’s forex reserves, supporting the implementation of monetary policy and contributing to inflation control and macro-economic stability. 314 more words

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