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Making progress on the roof

Here’s a look at how my shingle installation is going.

Step one: Paint a bunch of shingles, let them dry.

Start your installation at a bottom corner, as shown. 195 more words


Imagination capturing scenes from Wright Guide Miniatures

I have plenty more photos from the Chicago show to share! These little shops from Wright Guide Miniatures amazed my mom and me! I especially loved the little autobody shop, with its tiny fan belts and cans of oil. 23 more words


Trying out paint colors on shingles

I’m trying out paint colors on shingles. I’ve decided to go with a mix of yellows and browns. You may be tempted to shingle your house and paint it later, since this is much faster than painting shingles individually. 127 more words


My mini cutting board collection is complete!

In my real (human scale) home, I have a collection of cutting boards, so naturally my mini house needed one as well. At the miniature show in Chicago, I found three new mini cutting boards, all from seller… 44 more words


Chicago International 2015

This weekend I was at Chicago International 2015, the world’s largest miniature show. I’ll be sharing many more photos over on my other blog… 22 more words