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Reconnecting with a friend

A note to my blog friends: I wrote this blog post especially for my friend Dollie. None of my regular readers know Dollie, but if you had a special connection with a friend at sometime in your life, a friend you haven’t seen for many years, my words in this post may resonate with you. 616 more words

Memorable Moments

Friends on the internet! It's magical! (And some dollies, like usual.)

With some friends on the internet, some magical things may happen! Like this one. Who woulda thunk that such a silly picture with everyone’s fumos looking at pictures of everyone else’s fumos would be taken? 33 more words

Have you seen a photo of a silly dollie, lately?

If not, then you’re in luck. Here is a photo of a silly dollie:



Num atalho da montanha
Sorrindo, uma violeta

Matsuo Basho