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Garden Table, 8 Seater

Scaled for 1/12 dolls house. Available in 3mm birch laser-ply.

Phase two research

A lady views on August 28, 2008 in London, England. View Basket exhibits a collection of images and objects by Hayward Curatorial associate Tom Morton, purchased on the online auction site eBay with a budget 5000 GBP in a time space of 10 days in August 2008.

Furniture, furnishings and fixtures


Little Things

I’ve had the luxury of spending the afternoon working on Little Things, My hands are scraped from very sharp knitting needles, and very odd colour because of splashes of paint. 77 more words


Collections project - part IV: McLoughlin's Doll Houses

I was flicking through Pinterest looking at how to make doll houses and furnishings and came across this article about McLoughlin’s Folding Doll House, a product manufactured in the 1890s in America. 252 more words

Uni Work

Collections project - Part III: thumbnailing ideas

I started thumbnailing some ideas for my doll’s house, thinking about whether it would be flat-pack or not and if I wanted shelves in it to act as the inner walls/floors/ceilings. 198 more words

Uni Work