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What's New At The Tammy House ?

The children are playing Hide’n’Seek. Original Pepper is “It” and has to find the others. Some of them are better at hiding than others.

Out of Town Tammy has arrived for a visit. 345 more words

Fashion Dolls

Some "Quite Interesting" things about Nora Helmer...

  1. She has a loan of £250 from Krogstad which she is repaying as best she can.  She does not work…
  2. She pays around £6 per week to employ her maid…
  3. 333 more words

Images in A Doll's House

A powerpoint giving a brief overview of some of the key imagery in Ibsen’s play.

DH imagery

OCR English Literature

I bought a (doll's)house!

Hi guys and sorry for the late post! It only feels like about a week since I last posted but apparently it’s been much longer, time has just been flying since I left college. 297 more words

Dolly DIY

The Doll's House and The Merchant's Tale

For the new OCR A level examination, these two texts can be run together in the drama and poetry paper.  I am quite excited about this: a 19th century Well Made Play and a Mediaeval poem, albeit a dramatic poem with narrator, hardly seem clear bedfellows. 799 more words

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Anna-Maria, the nurse: thoughts on a character

Anna-Maria  is a small character in the play A Doll’s House, but should not be overlooked.  As the adage puts it:  “No such thing as a small role – just a small actor”.

Anna Maria

Dr Rank: thoughts on a character

Some initial stimuli on the character of Dr Rank in Ibsen’s A Doll’s House:

Dr Rank