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3 Vintage Dolls Sewn Together

I recently bought these dolls in Tucson, Arizona at an Estate Sale. The male dolls have papier mache painted faces. They are sewn together at the hands and the little one is sewn to the female dolls skirt.

Vintage Ethnic Doll


    Homunculus. That is the name of a spell that causes a small construct to act, and behave, a lot like a human. A popular practice to those experienced in the art of alchemy and wizardry. 2,199 more words


Repaint attempt #2

I decided to clean up the same doll again, and managed to get most of the mess that was the eyebrows and also the little splotches around the lips cleaned off. 507 more words


Montreal Day 2: Barbie Expo

I set off about an hour later than I did on day one, due to yesterday’s post going up kind of…late? Early? Both?

Anyway, I didn’t have breakfast and reached Centre Ville around lunchtime, so I went to the second of three places I knew I wanted to eat at. 692 more words

Which Outfit Is Better?

Hello everyone! Today I am doing a contest to see which outfit Izzy’s wearing is the best! After you decide which outfit you like the best tell me in the comments which outfit you think is the best. 72 more words