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Camera movement

Moving the camera can add interest to your movie, and can dictate the pace of your video. If you have a motivation (reason) for your movement it will appear natural to your viewer, for example, you could zoom in on someone’s reaction or move the camera to draw your viewer’s attention to a certain area of your scene,  follow a character or convey sense of scale of a building or vista. 452 more words


Be cool and haughty

Have been extremely lazy recently.  Especially during the weekends.  I can just lazy around, doing pretty nothing much.  Well, maybe, not really nothing.  Have been working on the colouring book for adults.   44 more words


The Quest for Happy Endings

By Pat Edwards (originally written in August 2015)

Her name was Ruth Smith, but I came to know her as “Dolly,” as many others did. She entered my life in June 2011, when she first submitted a story called “Tuscaloosa, Alabama; I Was There” to… 2,005 more words


Teen Trash Mags

Today I went looking through the websites of magazines I used to read as a teenager. How little and how much has changed. It struck me how un-empowering these magazines are and were. 108 more words


Another Clothes Haul

I feel so guilty I keep vowing not to buy or make more but I end up justifying it somehow! Daddy won’t answer when I ask if the girls have too much he just says they’ve a lot. 343 more words

Reborn Doll