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The 14th & 15th; I love them.

The 14th of July.

Well, this morning was ghastly, but the afternoon was a joy.

We drove down to Ashford so I could visit Robyn, Stuart, Herbie and Ned, while Mommy and Daddy found a way to entertain themselves. 461 more words


The 12th & 13th; She remained under the chair.

The 12th of July.

Well, the news is depressing. It is all about Trump’s visit and I would rather avoid. Bleugh.

This morning, I did a blog post, then I was at the chiro. 381 more words


The 10th & 11th; Stupid weird kitty.

The 10th of July.

Oooh I am very itchy. Apparently it is one of the many weird sensations one can get after liposuction so I took an antihistamine to try to counter it but it wasn’t really helpful. 323 more words


The 8th & 9th; I almost match.

The 8th of July.

So, so tired.

I didn’t fall asleep until about 3 this morning because my arm hurt and I couldn’t get in a comfortable position and the sheets were a mess. 380 more words


The 28th & 29th; A fat lot of nothing.

The 28th of June.

This is not going to be an interesting entry, I will warn you now.

I woke up at quarter to six for reasons beyond me and couldn’t fight my way back to sleep. 242 more words


Poems My Grandmother Taught Me

Miss Sassafras Tea

Once I knew a little girl
Who had dolls aplenty,
And she loved them everyone.
But she had so many
She couldn’t think of names enough… 54 more words


① memo 20180627 ~ Dolly ~ The first film by this 7-year-old girl made June 2009 around Alphen , Holland , includes this nice dolly shot in a shopping cart, using the little Sony DSC-T10 (in the Sports Pack SPK-THC) for protection.