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Stuffed Grape Leaves (Dolma)

Stuffed Grape Leave Rolls, or the name I like to use, Dolma. It is called Dolma in Azerbaijan, and the neighboring regions. The name comes from the verb… 927 more words


Vegetarian Stuffed Grape Leaves

Making stuffed grape leaves is easier to do than you may think. However, it takes a few times to get the perfect look, but after rolling five or ten, I promise they will be flawless. 227 more words

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Meet perfection: Dolma Stuffed With Goat Labneh

Some of the greatest local products remain unknown, and I believe it is a shame, so I will be regularly dedicating some posts to tell you about my best food discoveries. 442 more words


Labor Of Love

maybe it’s a few weeks to late to talk about holidays, but holidays marry two of my favorite things – family and food…the good holidays at least. 889 more words

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Develi Kebap

Bi Mutfak İki Şef Özlem Mekik &Ayvaz Akbacak moderatörlüğünde Develi Florya’nın asırlık lezzetlerini tattık…

Bu güzel gecede benim favorilerim yuvalama çorbası, develi sarma, kuru patlıcan dolması, fındık lahmacun, fıstıklı kebap ve elbette çiğ köfte oldu. 503 more words


Raw Bell Pepper Boats

Sail away on waves of deliciousness…

Stuffed peppers and stuffed zucchini are meals we grew up on. Relatively easy to make, usually in large quantities, so you can have ready lunch for a few days. 304 more words


Rice stuffed peppers

8 or more green bell peppers, small or medium size work best for this recipe

1 cup short grain or risotto rice

1 grated onion… 149 more words

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