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the praise she deserves

My sister spent most of the last three years working on her first feature film, “Honeygiver among the dogs”  and it is really really really her baby. 200 more words

This I <3

... small victories

… so this happened a couple of weeks ago ( every train in my life is running a little behind schedule right now! ) but it still made me very very happy. 91 more words

This I <3

Sunday market in Sigacik

When I’m travelling I love to visit local markets. It’s on the farmers markets where you can find the best and most fresh products at fair prices. 202 more words


Stuffed Grape Leaves (Dolma)

After we moved to Brisbane years ago, my husband planted four grapevines at our backyard. With the nice and warm weather, they grow very well. We have been watching the grapevines covered with tender buds and young leaves since the Spring comes. 328 more words


proud daughter

I was covering classes for a colleague this week and so I had to walk into class rooms that are not on my usual orbit. I walked into on classroom set my things down on the teacher’s desk and then noticed something stuck on the wall behind me : 40 more words

This I <3

Herding wild grape vines

You see them all over Ottawa. They’re especially noticeable in the late summer and early fall when the maple-leaf shaped leaves shade the dripping purple fruit of the wild grape. 297 more words


Dolma With Swiss Chard

This dolma recipe is a different take on the more traditional dolma made with vine leaves. Both versions are great, but this version is less briny. 499 more words