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Santorini Cafe

The Great Santorini!

Are you ready for some Italian food in Austin? Not so fast, that’s for my next post. This weekend I decided to go Greek! 440 more words


New rituals and old friends

This semester has been frantic and exhausting and occasionally unbearably heartbreaking but all of that belongs to another blog because this blog is about what we <3 , and honestly despite all that there have been things I really really do <3. 204 more words

This I &lt;3

The dolma scene from Duvara Karşı...

…released as Head-On in English and Gegen Die Wand in German (“Against the Wall”, which is the direct from-Turkish translation), makes me cry every time I see it. 150 more words

Don't throw away your post-Sukkos etrog

“An etrog after Sukkos” is an old Yiddish metaphor meaning something or someone useless.

Don’t throw away yours.  Greeks make jam or preserves out of the peel.  80 more words

Stuffed onions dolmeh (sogan dolmasi)

In my earlier posts i shared my recipes for different dolmeh, and today, i am going to share stuffed onions recipe which is called  sogan dolmasi in Azerbaijani language. 224 more words


Persian stuffed bell peppers ( Dolmeh felfel)

This is Persian recipe for stuffed bell peppers with ground beef and fresh aromatic herbs. I am big fan of any kind of dolmeh such as: eggplant, zucchini, capsicum, grape leaves, cabbage leaves….. 268 more words


Dolmeh barg-e kalam ( Persian stuffed cabbage leaves)

Stuffed cabbage leaves,  has sweet/sour taste due to sugar/vinegar in it. If you do not like sweet flavor simply do not add sugar.
My mother used to make  large amount of  stuffed cabbage or grape leaves and store them in the freezer . 197 more words