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Incredible Oceans 2017

The train rattles, clickety clack clickety clack, as it rushes towards the Capital. The scenery outside rushing by, transforms from extensive fields, meandering rivers and woodlands to neat rows of houses and industrial estates with corrugated roofs. 984 more words

Chelsea's Gift (Edit 3: 3 of 3)

[Chelsea’s Gift (Edit 3: 2 of 3)]

“Who are you, child?” A voice, deep and forceful, rumbled below. Its echo rattled Chelsea’s teeth and shot pain throughout her skull. 912 more words

On Writin'

Wasted chasing

We woke up early in the morning to experience the dolphin “watching” near the Pamilacan Island at Bohol. After the scrumptious breakfast at Henann Resort Alona Beach, we were fetch by our boatman. 125 more words


Chelsea's Gift (Edit 3: 2 of 3)

[Chelsea’s Gift (Edit 3: 1 of 3]

Close to her always, Chelsea’s fantastic shell conjured unbelievable memories of talking dolphins and open sea. Each year she recalled feeling more and more excited, shedding fear from her memory, focused instead on the moment the dolphin presented her most treasured gift. 1,204 more words

On Writin'

Chelsea's Gift (Edit 3: 1 of 3)

Cool, crystalline water tumbled around Chelsea, her father, and hundreds more in the sea. Each wave swelled excitement in the young girl, enjoying every dark tumble with sand and shells under foamy break. 1,746 more words

On Writin'

Destin, Florida

Destin, Florida situated on the panhandle of Florida, is one of my favorite beaches in the area. I love the fact that there is so much to do from antique shopping to deep sea fishing and snorkeling everyone can enjoy their time in Destin! 417 more words

New Art: (#15) Hallucinating Dolphins

And that raps up the first leg of this series. While working on this I was thinking about the imagination, and how the images are a manifestation of the unmanifested. 608 more words